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Oxygen Not Included V260388 Free =LINK=

Oxygen Not Included v260388: The Latest Version of the Award-Winning Space Colony Simulation Game is Now Free to Play

Oxygen Not Included is a space-colony simulation game that challenges you to manage a group of colonists as they try to survive and thrive in a harsh and unpredictable environment. You have to provide them with oxygen, food, water, power, heat, and sanitation, while also dealing with various hazards such as diseases, stress, and alien creatures.

Oxygen Not Included v260388 free

If you are a fan of this game, you will be happy to know that the latest version, Oxygen Not Included v260388, is now free to download and play. This version was released on March 18, 2018, and it comes with several improvements and bug fixes that enhance the gameplay experience.

What's New in Oxygen Not Included v260388?

Here are some of the main features and changes that you can expect in Oxygen Not Included v260388:

  • Creatures will now behave correctly when Advanced Priority Mode is turned on

  • New sounds for adjusting priorities

  • Fix bug where the incubator errand could disappear if it was interrupted

  • More Geyser art updates

  • Auto Job Priority toggle now defaults to Off

  • "Advanced Mode" added to priorities screen. This allows you to turn off the hidden prioritization rules that can create unexpected trips across the base for a more predictable experience

  • New geyser designs and hidden geysers that require digging to reveal what they produce

These are just some of the highlights of Oxygen Not Included v260388. For a full list of changes and fixes, you can check out the official release notes or the Oxygen Not Included Wiki.

How to Download Oxygen Not Included v260388 for Free?

If you want to try out Oxygen Not Included v260388 for free, you can follow these simple steps:

  • Go to this website:

  • Click on the download link and follow the instructions.

  • Enjoy the game!

Oxygen Not Included v260388 is a fun and challenging game that will test your creativity and problem-solving skills. If you are looking for a space-colony simulation game that is both realistic and humorous, you should definitely give it a try.

Oxygen Not Included v260388: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

If you are new to Oxygen Not Included or want to improve your skills, here are some tips and tricks that can help you survive and thrive in this game:

  • Learning Basic Information: Knowing about the basic interface information is the best way to start the game. You can access various overlays, menus, and commands that show you important data such as oxygen levels, temperature, power grid, plumbing, and more. You can also pause the game at any time to plan your actions and adjust your priorities.

  • Selecting Duplicants: When choosing a Duplicant to add to your colony, keep in mind the role they will need to fill. Starting a new colony requires lots of digging, construction, and learning so aim for Dupes with skill points in those areas. As you progress, the need for Duplicants who specialize in cooking, medicine, creativity, and tinkering will increase. Avoid Duplicants with negative traits such as Flatulence and Mouth Breather, as they can cause problems with oxygen consumption and gas management. Also avoid Duplicants with the Binge Eater stress response, as they can consume your entire food supply when stressed.

  • Building Initial Setup: Your first priority should be to provide your Duplicants with oxygen, food, water, power, and sanitation. You can use an Oxygen Diffuser to convert algae into oxygen, a Microbe Musher to make food from dirt and water, a Pitcher Pump to access water sources, a Manual Generator and a Battery to produce and store power, and an Outhouse and a Wash Basin to prevent germs from spreading. You should also build Cots for your Duplicants to sleep in and a Research Station to unlock new technologies.

  • Prioritize Tasks: You can use the Prioritization command on the bottom right-hand corner to signal which tasks are the most important. High priority tasks can include Manual Generators, Microbe Mushers, resource delivery, and any sudden accidents that might occur. You can also assign Duplicants to specific roles based on their skills and preferences.

  • Maintaining Food Supplies: Food is essential for keeping your Duplicants alive and happy. You should always have enough food stored in a Ration Box or a Refrigerator to last for several cycles. You can grow your own food using Planter Boxes or Farm Tiles and seeds from plants or critters. You should also diversify your food sources and quality to meet your Duplicants' expectations and morale.

  • Maintain Morale And Stress: Morale is a measure of how satisfied your Duplicants are with their living conditions. It affects their stress level, which can trigger negative behaviors if it reaches 100%. You can reduce stress by incorporating stress-reducing furniture and decor into their daily life. This includes paintings, sculptures, potted plants, brightly-lit workstations, assigned cots and mess tables, quality food, and plenty of clean oxygen. You can also use the Massage Table or the Recreation Room to relieve stress.

  • Keep Care Of Sanitization: Germs can cause diseases that affect your Duplicants' health and productivity. You should keep your colony clean and hygienic by using Outhouses and Wash Basins for sanitation, Composts for organic waste disposal, Air Deodorizers for polluted oxygen removal, Water Purifiers for polluted water treatment, and Chlorine Rooms for germ disinfection. You should also monitor your Duplicants' immunity level and treat them with Medicine Packs or Sick Bays if they get sick.

  • Use Rooms When Possible: There is an entire overlay dedicated to rooms in Oxygen Not Included. You already have to build these rooms to keep your colony going, so why not build it to specification and get some bonuses? Rooms have certain size and furniture requirements that grant various benefits to your Duplicants when they use them. For example, a Barracks gives +1 Morale when sleeping, a Mess Hall gives +3 Morale when eating, a Greenhouse increases plant growth speed by 10%, and a Power Plant increases power production by 50%.

  • Do Worry About Heat Production: Everything that consumes electricity generates some amount of heat. Anything related to power generation or storage is particularly troublesome. You always start in a temperate zone, and maintaining that climate is very important. You can generally get away with less-than-ideal placement of this gear early on, but you'll want to have a plan to move it all before you get too late in the game. If you don't keep on eye on the heat of your colony it can quickly spiral out of control, making things miserable or straight up uninhabitable for your Duplicants. While it's not always possible, try to put your power generation in a cold biome. There it will have natural cooling, saving you energy and preventing the warming of your colony.

  • Gas Management: Gases fall in your colony according to their weight and saturation.From lightest to heaviest is Hydrogen, Helium, Polluted Oxygen, Oxygen, Natural Gas, Chlorine, and Carbon Dioxide. Allow gas to travel freely by placing Pneumatic Doors throughout your colony. This prevents unbreathable gas from getting trapped in parts of your colony and makes gas management easier. You can also use Gas Pumps and Gas Vents to move gases around or store them in Gas Reservoirs.

These are just some of the tips and tricks that can help you play Oxygen Not Included v260388 better. For more information and guides on this game, you can check out these websites:





Oxygen Not Included v260388: Mods and Tools for Enhancing Your Game

Oxygen Not Included is a game that allows you to customize and mod it in various ways. You can use mods and tools created by the community to add new features, change the gameplay, or improve the graphics and performance of the game. Here are some of the best mods and tools that you can use for Oxygen Not Included v260388:

  • Blueprint Mod: This mod by Cairath lets you create blueprints for multiple buildings and copy-paste them anywhere you want. You can also save and load blueprints from files, share them with other players, or download them from the Steam Workshop. This mod is very useful for planning and building large-scale projects in your colony.

  • Infinite Gases & Liquids: This mod by test447 adds four new buildings to the game: infinite liquid source, infinite gas source, infinite liquid sink, and infinite gas sink. These buildings allow you to create or remove any liquid or gas in any amount you want. This mod is great for sandbox mode or testing purposes.

  • Sharing Is Caring: This mod by Romen changes the way beds and mess tables work in the game. Instead of being assigned to specific Duplicants, they become unassigned after they are used. This means that any Dupe can sleep in any bed or eat at any mess table, as long as they are available. This mod can help you save space and resources in your colony.

  • ONI-Modloader: This tool by Javisar allows you to install and manage multiple mods for Oxygen Not Included. It also provides a framework for mod developers to create their own mods using C#. You can download this tool from GitHub and follow the instructions on how to use it.

  • ONI-Common: This tool by Pholith is a library of common functions and classes that are used by many mods for Oxygen Not Included. It also includes a mod manager that lets you enable or disable mods in-game. You can download this tool from GitHub and follow the instructions on how to use it.

  • ONI-Debug: This tool by Pholith is a collection of debug commands and features that can help you troubleshoot or cheat in Oxygen Not Included. It allows you to spawn items, change stats, reveal map, teleport Duplicants, and more. You can download this tool from GitHub and follow the instructions on how to use it.

These are just some of the mods and tools that can enhance your game experience in Oxygen Not Included v260388. For more mods and tools, you can check out these websites:




Oxygen Not Included v260388: A Space-Colony Simulation Game Worth Playing

Oxygen Not Included v260388 is a game that offers a lot of fun and challenge for fans of space-colony simulation games. You can manage a group of Duplicants as they try to survive and thrive in a harsh and unpredictable environment. You can also customize and mod the game in various ways to suit your preferences and playstyle. Whether you want to create a utopian colony or a dystopian nightmare, the choice is yours.

If you are interested in playing Oxygen Not Included v260388, you can download it for free from this website:

We hope you enjoyed this article and learned something new about Oxygen Not Included v260388. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to leave a comment below. Thank you for reading and have a great day! d282676c82


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