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About Us

We Demand Climate Justice for Indigenous People

Indigenous peoples around the world are often found at the frontlines of climate change and they are among the first to face the direct impacts of warming and rapid changes in the living environment. Over 370 million indigenous people are threatened by warming impacts even though they contribute little to greenhouse emissions. Climate change has exacerbated the difficulties already faced by vulnerable indigenous populations in many regions. These communities are often found to be sharing a close relationship with nature and dependent on natural resources but face widespread discrimination, including political and economic marginalization, loss of land and resources, human rights violations, etc. Climate justice must address loss of livelihoods & traditions, disaster preparedness and build community resilience.

All the issues that we face are connected. Worldwide, ecosystems are being destroyed, and indigenous peoples are losing their homelands and their entire way of life.”

Ocean Robbins

"Solutions will not be found while Indigenous people are treated as victims for whom someone else must find solutions."

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