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Remotescan V5.494 High Quality Full Version Exe

To get started, follow the instructions on downloading the LDAP library. Then create the BlackBoxPortal.php file. The following is some sample code which shows retrieving a users email address from the LDAP server if they successfully authenticate.

remotescan v5.494 full version exe

HelpSpot custom fields allow for the creation of user-defined fields that store data on a given request. Custom fields are full-fledged data items in HelpSpot. They can be filtered on, modified with automation, used in templates, etc.

HelpSpot allows the Attachment Storage System to optionally save to the file system, rather than the database. If you have set the file path to a network drive (typically a path such as "\\path\to\shared\directory") and attachments are not successfully being saved, it is important to ensure proper credentials are set. If the IIS worker processes runs under a user who has permission to write to the network drive and attachments still are not saved correctly, then the Application Default settings may need to be set with the username and password of the user with permission to write to the network drive.

If you see the Module in question in the error message is the CompressionModule, this is a known issue. (You'll have to access HelpSpot locally on a browser within the web server to see the full error message).

  • Version 3.2.12 Change log (July 9th, 2014)Improved update in WYSIWYG to result in improved button layout for users who have not customized the WYSIWYG button layout previously. Will only affect users updating from 3.2.10 or lower to 3.2.12.

  • Improved wording on instructions for WYSIWYG buttons.

  • Added "browser_spellcheck" option (if applicable) to WYSIWYG to allow browser-based spellchecking as per latest TinyMCE documentation

  • Fixed issue where running HelpSpot in an iFrame would not fully function when a URI-encoded entity was present for $_GET variables, used to fill out customer information.

  • Fixed issue in Triggers & Rules where stripping HTML out of search terms also stripped out email that were in format "FName LName "

For the latest WYSIWYG update (version 3.2.11 and higher), we suggest using a button format of the following when editing requests. This can be edited in Admin > Settings > HTML Email:

  • Version 3.1.7 ChangelogNew - Support for unlimited user licenses

  • Change - The "Updated By" condition is now applied after the results of other conditions to enhance performance for it's more common use cases

  • Change - Windows Installer upgrades PHP to 5.3.15

  • Bug - Improved checking for empty fields in Live Lookup

  • Bug - A long line in an email could cause the outbound email to be truncated

  • Bug - Improved speed when selecting last public note for display in filters

  • Bug - Fixed Firefox 13 bugs

  • Bug - Fixed spellchecker default for Chrome/Firefox

  • Bug - Triggers would not check note type properly

  • Bug - Forums LatestTopics parameter in templates did not honor setting

  • Bug - Fixed error with SQL full text search

  • Bug - Passing an empty field to the API incorrectly caused the request creation to fail

  • Bug - A wrong URL was included in staff notifications

  • Bug - Character fixes to widget

  • Bug - When API's are off return HTTP code 400 rather than 200

  • Bug - In emails a bad character could cause data to be stripped

  • Bug - Widget background failed to close on Firefox

  • Bug - Fixed update and close on mobile

  • Bug - Knowledge pages didn't detect HTML content containing only HTML lists as HTML pages

  • Bug - Incorrect rounding of decimal fields in grid view

  • Bug - Long numeric only strings in a text custom field were rounded

  • Bug - Links to KB weren't properly linked in full public history placeholder

  • Bug - Fixed spellchecker on IE

  • Bug - Changed ordering of full text search results

  • Bug - Various wording changes

  • Bug - Request push could fail to return error information in UI

  • Bug - Bad data in a MySQL query could cause high load on the MySQL server

  • Version 3.1.6 ChangelogBug - Add admin username/password for built in LDAP authentication

  • Bug - The popup calendar would not work from the search page

  • Bug - Time tracker events report could fail to load

  • Bug - Non HTML notes sent in via the API displayed with HTML paragraph tags

  • Bug - Tag search on the portal could show a non-functional link to a hidden page of a public book

  • Bug - Triggers sending email could end up with a PHP error

  • Bug - private.request.create should not append a signature to a note when using xPersonOpenedBy=0 (customer)

  • Bug - Triggers with multiple actions could cause a PHP include error

  • Bug - MSSQL had an error with full text search using "is not" in a phrase

  • Bug - Triggers could not match custom field checkboxes

  • Bug - Triggers could fail to match changed conditions

  • Bug - Made response usage report more accurate and clear by removing filter option

  • Bug - Changed UI of public notes to customers template editing to notify but not request a request ID be included

  • Bug - Responses could fail to display properly for group user permissions

  • Bug - Live Lookup via a trigger could sent the wrong HTTP GET parameters to the Live Lookup script

  • Bug - The name menu (top right corner) could not be clicked on iPad

  • Bug - Emailing customers from an automation rule/trigger could fail in some cases

  • Bug - A pipe () in a reporting tag breaks the reports

  • Version 3.1.5 ChangelogBug - Triggers may not be executed in some scenerios when they should be

  • Bug - Fixed several character encoding issues

  • Bug - Title bar count didn't match total of the filter

  • Bug - Adjusted full text search ordering

  • Bug - Getting started tab didn't register custom reports

  • Bug - Open before/after filter condition didn't properly set time of day

  • Bug - SMS would not send from Automation Rule

  • Bug - Empty date custom fields would show today's date in workspace grid

  • Bug - Response search could show responses not in a users permissions

  • Bug - Name menu had to short a closing delay for iPad

  • Bug - Email headers would not display more than 1 of same header (like received)

  • Bug - Response search would show inactive messages

  • Bug - Triggers that generated emails from portal actions could have a PHP error

  • Bug - Portal query error for secondary portals with no KB's

  • Bug - Added more mime type extensions for attachments with invalid or unknown names

  • Bug - Emails in Windows-1257 character encoding could have characters dropped from email

  • Bug - Response folders could not display due to javascript error

  • Bug - Filter CSV should download all results

  • Bug - KB images may not display in secondary portal

  • Bug - Mobile ui shows inactive users in drop down

  • Bug - Fixed issue where custom pages were only for admin users

  • Bug - Time events report now has customer ID column

  • Bug - IE8 category selection javascript error

  • New FeaturesBinary searching enabled in SQL Server and MySQL for phrase searching

  • Live Lookup now AJAX enhanced, embedded in the page

  • Request page history search now AJAX enhanced, embedded in the page

  • Customer information can now be inserted from a request page history search

  • You can now add the 'Take It' button to filters. Note that it does not prevent others from taking the request as the Inbox does.

  • Make public button returned to request history and now logs when the public/unpublic state is changed and who did so

  • Mail rules can now assign to the inbox

  • Using SMTP authentication is now optional when using an SMTP server for email

  • Note attachments now visible in the portal

  • Last update/customer update/public update/time/public count fields now sortable

  • Each knowledge book now has a printer friendly version of the entire book

  • Live Refresh feature can optionally refresh your queue/filter without reloading the page or losing your checked requests

  • Email accounts now have loop protection so that HelpSpot and an email autoresponder don't send emails to each other indefinitely creating numerous new requests.

  • Subject lines of outbound emails now contain only the request ID and not the full access key

  • Bug FixesLive Lookup now works correctly from the command line

  • Tasks.php memory performance improved

  • Existing responses can now be selected properly when using SQL Server

  • Spellchecker now works when PHP short tags disabled

  • Knowledge book searches no longer show HTML in the portal

  • Postgres didn't correctly add time tracking in filter column

  • Don't show make public/private in closed requests

  • Apostrophe in Live Lookup request no longer breaks 'insert' button

  • Extra brackets/quotes removed from CC box on public notes

  • Request history quoting now works with accented characters

  • Emails from the same account but different capitalization now correctly displayed as public

  • Request page javascript checks now work correctly in IE

  • Tasks.php now runs correctly from the command line with IP security enabled

  • Mbstring functions now used if available before Iconv

  • Placeholders used in request notes now replaced before storing in database so that they do not change when a request is reassigned

  • Fix WYSIWYG error when using zlib compression

  • Internal change to allow easier use of CGI wrappers


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