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Wolf PackTV Show 2023

Parents need to know that Wolf Pack is an intense werewolf drama with a lot of violence and gore and a persistent sense of peril. People are regularly shown being attacked, and in the pilot episode there's a close-up of a man having his faced stomped in by a deer running from a forest fire. That same fire creates a lot of destruction and seems to have evil properties of its own. A teen girl talks about renting a motel room and "f--king" a guy. Teens are shown wearing provocative clothing and dancing at a rave. A man asks someone how old he is and he responds, "Don't worry, not like high school or anything" before they're shown heavily making out and the man reaches into the teen's pants. There's regular use of profanity including "f--k," "s--t," "stupid," "Christ sake," "God damnit." One of the teens has parents who fight often because of her dad's drinking problem. Teens are depicted as valuing their friends and family during very difficult times, and the cast is diverse racially and characters are show who are LGBTQ+, dealing with mental health issues, and have learning differences.

Wolf PackTV Show | 2023

Despite being deeply influenced by shows that came before, the latest offering in the teen supernatural genre still takes a stab at a fresh take. With the signature gloss of Riverdale and the dark overtones of Stranger Things, Wolf Pack strives to find a unique balance between camp and creep. The four featured teens are well-crafted characters, ranging from a female lead traumatized by acne scars (they disappointingly resolve for good in the pilot episode) to a boy living with nearly crippling anxiety. Sadly, most of the adult characters are jarringly one dimensional in contrast -- often overly negative or even verbally abusive. There's the usual werewolf storyline of being bitten and experiencing a transformation, but the emphasis on the sibling-like "wolf pack" instinct and the mystical properties of the wildfire are angles interesting enough to make audiences stick around for a few episodes. Where the series stumbles is in the noticeable absence of any biting, Buffy-esque humor to balance out its intensity (despite Sara Michelle Gellar herself playing the lead arson investigator). Many viewers will inevitably find themselves fatigued and losing interest as a result.

In a recent post from the official Paramount+ Twitter account, the streaming service revealed that not only would the film see original Teen Wolf characters returning to the small screen, but would also set up a brand new series in its wake. The upcoming spin-off will be titled Wolf Pack and will be based on the book of the same name written by author Edo van Belkom, which revolves around a small pack of wolf cubs being discovered by a ranger after a forest fire who quickly realizes that they are no ordinary wolves. Below the announcement, many fans made their excitement for the show's universe to make its return. View the tweet below:

The series was created by beloved "Teen Wolf" producer Jeff Davis, and stars "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" superstar Sarah Michelle Gellar. Like any highly-anticipated show, fans are eager to learn more about the cast, which includes veteran actor Rodrigo Santoro, who plays park ranger and dad of two of the teens, Garrett, and four fresh faces who star as the wolf pack. Those include Armani Jackson as Everett, Bella Shepard as Blake, Chloe Rose Robertson as Luna, and Tyler Lawrence Gray as Harlan.

Supernatural mystery fans were undoubtedly thrilled when news of the \"Wolf Pack\" series was announced. The show \u2014 which is based on Edo van Belkom's book series \u2014 is set to hit Paramount+ on Jan. 26, and viewers can expect to see the story of two teens \"who are caught in a wildfire and are wounded by a supernatural creature,\" according to the synopsis. \nFollowing the incident, the pair discover they are both werewolves, which bonds them closely together. \"The two team up, and encounter two other teenagers, the adoptive children of a park ranger, who went through a similar strange wildfire sixteen years ago,\" the summary adds of the show. \nThe series was created by beloved \"Teen Wolf\" producer Jeff Davis, and stars \"Buffy The Vampire Slayer\" superstar Sarah Michelle Gellar. Like any highly-anticipated show, fans are eager to learn more about the cast, which includes veteran actor Rodrigo Santoro, who plays park ranger and dad of two of the teens, Garrett, and four fresh faces who star as the wolf pack. Those include Armani Jackson as Everett, Bella Shepard as Blake, Chloe Rose Robertson as Luna, and Tyler Lawrence Gray as Harlan. \nWith these newcomers stepping onto the scene, many are wondering who the cast are dating, so before you head down the \"Wolf Pack\" path, keep reading to find out all about their love lives.\n","id":49064241,"type":"gallery","photo_source":"Image Source: Getty \/ Bryan Bedder","permalink":"https:\/\/\/celebrity\/wolf-pack-tv-series-who-are-cast-dating-49064241","canonical":"https:\/\/\/celebrity\/wolf-pack-tv-series-who-are-cast-dating-49064241","share_text":"Inside the Love Lives of the \"Wolf Pack\" Series Cast","use_tall_image":false,"omit_from_countdown":false,"caption_num":false,"slide_tags":"Celebrity CouplesTVCelebrity FactsWolf Pack","is_cover":true},"image":"https:\/\/\/files\/thumbor\/z5wYTKB8eq_KWWeeC98DaI5DKNw\/fit-in\/1024x1024\/filters:format_auto-!!-:strip_icc-!!-\/2023\/01\/17\/865\/n\/48559979\/3999165148ff9413_GettyImages-184505168\/i\/Who-Is-Sarah-Michelle-Gellar-Dating.jpg","share_image":"https:\/\/\/files\/thumbor\/JK3jiIJo1nkt9MJqZaByFNla53o\/fit-in\/2048xorig\/filters:format_auto-!!-:strip_icc-!!-\/2023\/01\/17\/865\/n\/48559979\/3999165148ff9413_GettyImages-184505168\/i\/Who-Is-Sarah-Michelle-Gellar-Dating.jpg","title":"Who Is Sarah Michelle Gellar Dating?","intro_text":false,"body":"When thinking about one of the most beloved Hollywood couples, Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. quickly come to mind. The pair \u2014 who have been married since 2002 \u2014 have withstood the test of time when it comes to celebrity relationships. After more than 20 years together, the couple continue to be each other's biggest fans, often raving over one another on social media.\nGellar and Prinze Jr. are parents to daughter Charlotte, whom they welcomed in September 2009, and a son named Rocky, who was born in September 2012.\n","id":49064246,"type":"image","photo_source":"Image Source: Getty \/ Jon Kopaloff","permalink":"https:\/\/\/celebrity\/photo-gallery\/49064241\/image\/49064246\/Who-Is-Sarah-Michelle-Gellar-Dating","canonical":"https:\/\/\/celebrity\/wolf-pack-tv-series-who-are-cast-dating-49064241","share_text":"Who Is Sarah Michelle Gellar Dating?","use_tall_image":false,"omit_from_countdown":false,"caption_num":false,"slide_tags":"","image":"https:\/\/\/files\/thumbor\/XBaY_nT0HBFLKMn663WpqlZ5_TQ\/fit-in\/1024x1024\/filters:format_auto-!!-:strip_icc-!!-\/2023\/01\/17\/870\/n\/48559979\/beec67342c0162bf_GettyImages-1035581240\/i\/Who-Is-Rodrigo-Santoro-Dating.jpg","share_image":"https:\/\/\/files\/thumbor\/_XTFkkHu518nsVjKAlZQ6NSRXQE\/fit-in\/2048xorig\/filters:format_auto-!!-:strip_icc-!!-\/2023\/01\/17\/870\/n\/48559979\/beec67342c0162bf_GettyImages-1035581240\/i\/Who-Is-Rodrigo-Santoro-Dating.jpg","title":"Who Is Rodrigo Santoro Dating?","intro_text":false,"body":"Rodrigo and wife Mel Fronckowiak have been married since 2016. They are parents to daughter Nina Fronckowiak Santoro, who was born in 2017. The couple often share sweet snaps of their life as a family of three on social media, and in January, Santoro paid tribute to his love with a sweet birthday post on Instagram reflecting on their time together.\n\"Celebrating your birthday my love It is a privilege and a joy to walk the paths of life by your side,\" he wrote. \"Time goes by and we remain. Here's to another year of so many \u2764\ufe0f.\"\n","id":49064254,"type":"image","photo_source":"Image Source: Getty \/ Emma McIntyre","permalink":"https:\/\/\/celebrity\/photo-gallery\/49064241\/image\/49064254\/Who-Is-Rodrigo-Santoro-Dating","canonical":"https:\/\/\/celebrity\/wolf-pack-tv-series-who-are-cast-dating-49064241","share_text":"Who Is Rodrigo Santoro Dating?","use_tall_image":false,"omit_from_countdown":false,"caption_num":false,"slide_tags":"","image":"https:\/\/\/files\/thumbor\/011JoI4fzoW2hPNrJClZnswL21Q\/fit-in\/1024x1024\/filters:format_auto-!!-:strip_icc-!!-\/2023\/01\/17\/875\/n\/48559979\/fa35b4294ca72421_GettyImages-1431578162\/i\/Who-Is-Armani-Jackson-Dating.jpg","share_image":"https:\/\/\/files\/thumbor\/tx66RPof_Q8QSejESA2RU6Gh1Qo\/fit-in\/2048xorig\/filters:format_auto-!!-:strip_icc-!!-\/2023\/01\/17\/875\/n\/48559979\/fa35b4294ca72421_GettyImages-1431578162\/i\/Who-Is-Armani-Jackson-Dating.jpg","title":"Who Is Armani Jackson Dating?","intro_text":false,"body":"With a booming showbiz career, Jackson appears to keep a low profile when it comes to his dating life. However, according to his Instagram, back in December 2020, he was dating Reylynn Caster. It's unclear whether the two are still together, but Caster also posted about Jackson on her Instagram in October 2021, seemingly confirming they were still going strong at the time.\n","id":49064260,"type":"image","photo_source":"Image Source: Getty \/ Sean Zanni","permalink":"https:\/\/\/celebrity\/photo-gallery\/49064241\/image\/49064260\/Who-Is-Armani-Jackson-Dating","canonical":"https:\/\/\/celebrity\/wolf-pack-tv-series-who-are-cast-dating-49064241","share_text":"Who Is Armani Jackson Dating?","use_tall_image":false,"omit_from_countdown":false,"caption_num":false,"slide_tags":"","image":"https:\/\/\/files\/thumbor\/GA_97MZ29l63xvqMjrDfXO5gUYo\/fit-in\/1024x1024\/filters:format_auto-!!-:strip_icc-!!-\/2023\/01\/17\/880\/n\/48559979\/b40272151ccec651_GettyImages-986818640\/i\/Who-Is-Bella-Shepard-Dating.jpg","share_image":"https:\/\/\/files\/thumbor\/cfz7e0E1Oe64eCSPnI1l5Bo0Dm4\/fit-in\/2048xorig\/filters:format_auto-!!-:strip_icc-!!-\/2023\/01\/17\/880\/n\/48559979\/b40272151ccec651_GettyImages-986818640\/i\/Who-Is-Bella-Shepard-Dating.jpg","title":"Who Is Bella Shepard Dating?","intro_text":false,"body":"From the looks of Shepard's social media, she seems to be enjoying the single life as she navigates Hollywood. \n","id":49064262,"type":"image","photo_source":"Image Source: Getty \/ Leon Bennett","permalink":"https:\/\/\/celebrity\/photo-gallery\/49064241\/image\/49064262\/Who-Is-Bella-Shepard-Dating","canonical":"https:\/\/\/celebrity\/wolf-pack-tv-series-who-are-cast-dating-49064241","share_text":"Who Is Bella Shepard Dating?","use_tall_image":false,"omit_from_countdown":false,"caption_num":false,"slide_tags":"","image":"https:\/\/\/files\/thumbor\/7In4QnURhuENvALDmveE_oB4GYQ\/fit-in\/1024x1024\/filters:format_auto-!!-:strip_icc-!!-\/2023\/01\/17\/888\/n\/48559979\/c1b865cac226fadb_GettyImages-1431579890\/i\/Who-Is-Chloe-Rose-Robertson-Dating.jpg","share_image":"https:\/\/\/files\/thumbor\/Ooo_iCxRB-ImcxV4cEf4nZ0R-g4\/fit-in\/2048xorig\/filters:format_auto-!!-:strip_icc-!!-\/2023\/01\/17\/888\/n\/48559979\/c1b865cac226fadb_GettyImages-1431579890\/i\/Who-Is-Chloe-Rose-Robertson-Dating.jpg","title":"Who Is Chloe Rose Robertson Dating?","intro_text":false,"body":"Robertson's Instagram shows no sign of a significant other. It does, however, show off her incredible fashion sense and just how excited she is for \"Wolf Pack.\"\n","id":49064298,"type":"image","photo_source":"Image Source: Getty \/ Sean Zanni","permalink":"https:\/\/\/celebrity\/photo-gallery\/49064241\/image\/49064298\/Who-Is-Chloe-Rose-Robertson-Dating","canonical":"https:\/\/\/celebrity\/wolf-pack-tv-series-who-are-cast-dating-49064241","share_text":"Who Is Chloe Rose Robertson Dating?","use_tall_image":false,"omit_from_countdown":false,"caption_num":false,"slide_tags":"","image":"https:\/\/\/files\/thumbor\/Ovf0JBbl-iJtdZxfUSWqDymro3s\/fit-in\/1024x1024\/filters:format_auto-!!-:strip_icc-!!-\/2023\/01\/17\/895\/n\/48559979\/567e8b676f2aa4e3_GettyImages-1431578058\/i\/Who-Is-Tyler-Lawrence-Gray-Dating.jpg","share_image":"https:\/\/\/files\/thumbor\/9d2YpZ8NYmYPGf4hta1TwsJK034\/fit-in\/2048xorig\/filters:format_auto-!!-:strip_icc-!!-\/2023\/01\/17\/895\/n\/48559979\/567e8b676f2aa4e3_GettyImages-1431578058\/i\/Who-Is-Tyler-Lawrence-Gray-Dating.jpg","title":"Who Is Tyler Lawrence Gray Dating?","intro_text":false,"body":"Like his costar Robertson, Gray's Instagram leaves a lot to the imagination, with no indication that he is dating anyone. His page does seem to be more active lately, as he gears up for the \"Wolf Pack\" premiere, giving fans hope he'll show off more of his personal life in the near future.\n","id":49064324,"type":"image","photo_source":"Image Source: Getty \/ Sean Zanni","permalink":"https:\/\/\/celebrity\/photo-gallery\/49064241\/image\/49064324\/Who-Is-Tyler-Lawrence-Gray-Dating","canonical":"https:\/\/\/celebrity\/wolf-pack-tv-series-who-are-cast-dating-49064241","share_text":"Who Is Tyler Lawrence Gray Dating?","use_tall_image":false,"omit_from_countdown":false,"caption_num":false,"slide_tags":"","content":"\n \n \n \n \n Up Next\n \n \n \n Paris Hilton and Carter Reum Met Over 15 Years Before Welcoming Their First Child\n \n\n\n\n Image Source: Getty\n","type":"end_screen","permalink":"https:\/\/\/celebrity\/paris-hilton-carter-reum-relationship-timeline-49070584","image":"https:\/\/\/files\/thumbor\/5jKxmnSurDozBtcGNygH1kGaSKY\/447x150:2438x2141\/fit-in\/1024x1024\/filters:format_auto-!!-:strip_icc-!!-\/2023\/01\/25\/786\/n\/1922398\/023f33b963d16c7346ea25.17939401_\/i\/paris-hilton-carter-reum-relationship-timeline.jpg"], "tweet":"Inside the Love Lives of the \"Wolf Pack\" Series Cast","next":"https:\/\/\/celebrity\/paris-hilton-carter-reum-relationship-timeline-49070584","prev":"https:\/\/\/celebrity\/grace-and-trai-byers-kids-49064656","slideCount":6,"isCPC":false,"disableInterstitials":true,"tweetText":"Inside the Love Lives of the \"Wolf Pack\" Series Cast","pinterestImage":"https:\/\/\/files\/thumbor\/Pnn8NV2ZwPcN0yGE6ROSv9U07ck\/1584x0:4245x3992\/fit-in\/2661x3992\/filters:format_auto-!!-:strip_icc-!!-\/2023\/01\/17\/857\/n\/48559979\/15130b4363c6f86f1aba97.56392413_.jpg","galleryURL":"https:\/\/\/celebrity\/wolf-pack-tv-series-who-are-cast-dating-49064241", ]); want more? 041b061a72


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