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Eli Harris
Eli Harris

Speedman Simulator

Mining Simulator is back! It's currently the most popular simulator game on the platform and one of the most popular Roblox games overall. The sequel to the previous game introduces a lot of fun new features, like snazzy new graphics, new ores to mine, as well as fresh new creatures to collect. Definitely worth checking this one out, and if you do, use our list of codes to get lots of free rewards.

Speedman Simulator

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Glider Simulator is actually one of our favorite new simulator games. It got off to a really popular start and then an updated added an entirely new world. The aim of the game is to fly (or glide) around a map while collecting coins and other treasures, like gems. Once you've saved up enough you can upgrade your boosters and wings and then fly even further. It's loads of fun, even if the game is a bit simple.

Race against your friends or challenge other players. Like all good Roblox games, there are also pets to collect, awesome running shoes to unlock, and lots of new areas to explore with regular updates. This one is a popular hit for players who love simulator games.

Laundry Simulator is... a laundry simulator. Your time is dedicated to washing clothes and earning the in-game currency. There are ways to automate your washing, pets that can help you out, and a bunch of cosmetics to collect. 041b061a72


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