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Fellowes C 480c Shredder Manual

There are several reasons this may occur.1) If you have a Fellowes personal shredder (small shredders that can fit under a desk), review these troubleshooting options.a) The wastebasket may need to be emptied.b) The shredder has a built-in safety feature which prevents the shredder from operating if improperly assembled. These shredders require the safety interlock switch in the shredder head to be tripped by a piece of plastic on the inside of the basket. Make sure the shredder head is seated correctly on the wastebasket. Refer to your use and care manual for more details. (Please see attached document)2) If you have a Fellowes office shredder (large shredders that cannot fit under a desk), review these troubleshooting options.a) The shredder may be jammed. Clear any jammed paper and see if this resolves the problem.b) The shredder may need to be reset. Switch it to the reverse (R) position for 2 seconds and then back to auto (I). This should reset it and it will operate again.3) If the solutions above did not work, please call us at 800-955-0959 and a trained representative will be happy to troubleshoot this problem further or explain your in-warranty and out-of-warranty options.

Fellowes C 480c Shredder Manual

To keep your shredder running smoothly, shredder manufacturers recommend regularly oiling the shredder blades. However, advice varies on when to do so and with what kind of oil. Fellowes recommends oiling every two months, or, if you shred a lot, every time you empty the wastebasket. Amazon Basics manuals (PDF) say you should oil the blades every month with basic vegetable oil, cooking oil, or shredder oil. Office-supply store Quill, meanwhile, advises against using alternatives to shredder oil, such as canola oil, since they can gum up the shredder. We think shredder sharpening and lubricant sheets are a simpler, still-inexpensive option that removes any guesswork. 041b061a72


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