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Eli Harris
Eli Harris

Logitrace V12.16

LogiTRACE then carries out the operations. This is a very simple to use application because you are able to observe the input data, 3D view and the expanded component simultaneously and concurrently. You can easily place every part with the help of mouse.

Logitrace V12.16


You are now able to save and load your work to 3ds Max. If you want to save you get the option to create a Photoshop file or a DXF file. For increased speed and functionality of your modeling software, LogiTRACE is ideal. This is another application you can use to export data from ProFirst Group LogiTRACE 12.16 to Excel or just create a two-dimensional drawing..

To position the parts, the user can use the mouse or place them automatically and precisely using the ProFirst Group LogiTRACE 14.2. They can also create custom modules for the third-party software applications and insert the parts at the right position in the sheet using various shapes such as circles, squares, triangles, rectangles, ellipses, and more. Moreover, the Pitting Panic is a cutting machine compatible software application for folding and unfolding solid models. It is one of the best applications on the market for accurately folding solid models, as well as unfolding them.

The module pipe shows the thickness of the sheet. The application also provides the contact type, which can be changed based on the size of the part. It provides support for scanning the length and width of the sheet and unfolding its parts at their proper location in the sheet. In addition, it allows the user to edit the specifications of the part and to make unlimited adjustments. ProFirst Group LogiTRACE 2014.2 provides you with software for unfolding sheets. This is very easy to use, as you can view the data, 3D data and the unfolded parts simultaneously.


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