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Landon Martinez
Landon Martinez

Ankur Patrika Software: A Multilingual Solution for Indian Languages

We are providing an innovative Multilingual Applications that allows the user to view information across multiple interfaces in different languages. With inbuilt capability of Hindi language translation, Ankur Pati provides you with the power to make any kind of business transactions in Indian languages. It further helps in reducing communication gap while making foreign trade.

Ankur patrika software free download

A special software known as Ankur MATLAB access allows the users to use their own MATLAB mathematical software or any other software that runs on MATLAB. The Ankur Java access allows you to run Java apps in the local language of the user. The Ankur PowerPoint access allows you to use your own Microsoft PowerPoint presentations in the local language of the user.

We specialize in marketing & after-sales support of various IT-related products. We specialise in multilingual softwares of repute, like Indica, 4C-Plus, Shree-Lipi, Bijoy, InPage, etc. in the capacity of Distributor/Dealer. Apart from multilingual softwares, we also market Tally, Corel products, Adobe & various Anti-Virus brands like Quick Heal, K7, Kasparsky etc.

Ankur Setup With All Fonts is an impressive and rich package for the Indoan language fonts like Dev Ratna which contains 296 ITR Devnagari Fonts, 1037 Modular and additional 4400 Dev Bahar fonts. It contains 14 Modular bilingual Fonts, 400 English fonts and 101 symbol fonts. You can also download FontLab Fontographer.

Ankur is a Multilingual Software that helps you learn Indian language. This is an ideal choice for starting work in Indian languages on computer without much more knowledge of Windows as well as Indian language type. It has support for various keyboard layouts for different Indian languages so working in Ankur will not require additional knowledge.


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