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Zeno Tran
Zeno Tran

Gumroad Bakery Products Pack

This bakery products pack contains 10 different types of bakery products, 3D models in various levels of detail and realistic 4k PBR textures created by using photogrammetry. Ideal for game assets or realistic looking renders.

Gumroad Bakery products pack

The files are divided into two packs: one comprising 12 fruits and vegetables, including apples, potatoes, a carrot and an onion; and one of 10 bakery products, including rolls, pastries and a doughnut.

The fruit and veg are compatible with both specular/glossiness and roughness/metallic PBR workflows; the bakery products are roughness/metallic only. Both come as packed texture sets for Unreal Engine. 350c69d7ab


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