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Vishwaroopam Telugu Movie Download 720p Movie

The film begins in a town, where two malice Anna Rao & Gunna Rao always competes for the city Municipal Chairman post. They also make their children Prasad Babu & Eeswar Rao move in their footsteps and create a lot of turbulence in college. In that dilemma, a new lecturer Viswam a good samaritan joins who eradicates dirty politics and reforms his students. Parallelly, again municipal elections are notified so, Anna Rao & Gunna Rao approach Viswam to seek his help as student power is in his hands, but he refuses. Now all the students pursue Viswam to contest, and with their aiding, he triumphs. Whereat begrudged Anna Rao & Gunna Rao slaughter Viswam, and disappear his body. Surprisingly, Viswam's soul appears to his students which guides and shows them his identical kind-hearted goon Chittaiah. At Present, Prasad Babu & Eeswar Rao request recoups as Viswam by civilizing. Therefrom, he counterstrikes the black guards. Meanwhile, the area is always affected by floods which kill hundreds of lives. Hence Chittaiah decides to contract a dam as per the ambition of Viswam. Here, Anna Rao & Gunna Rao create many obstacles even Govt do not support. Yet, Chittaiah unites the students, also motivates the general public, and completes the dam. Frustrated, knaves decide to blast it, but Viswam's soul directs the student who protects it. At last, Chittaiah ceases the baddies and surrenders to Police. Finally, the movie ends on a happy note with Viswam's soul peacefully mingling in the universe.

vishwaroopam telugu movie download 720p movie



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