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Eli Harris
Eli Harris

Katy Perry Sighting

Australia continues to prove itself as a hotspot for celebrity sightings, with Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry joining the plethora of Hollywood heavyweights who have made their way down under in recent years.

katy perry sighting

As our post-war obsessions with the space race and science fiction grew, so too did sightings of UFOs. Pop music has always reflected the world around it, so naturally these 'living myths', as Jung called them, began to make it into song, from the Ella Fitzgerald hit Two Little Men in a Flying Saucer from 1951, through to Katy Perry's E.T. featuring Kanye West in 2010, via the Carpenters' bonkers Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft and more left-field noise from Link Wray, Pixies, David Bowie and countless prog bands.

People see fewer UFOs these days for all sorts of cultural reasons and, as sightings have decreased, so too has their ubiquity in song. UFOs, like rock 'n' roll, are becoming an anachronism, though the following musicians might beg to differ...

His obsession stemmed from a UFO sighting in 1965 (the year he was born) witnessed by his mother and several cousins. In Fool the World: The Oral History of a Band Called Pixies, compiled by Josh Frank and Caryn Ganz, he said: "I think there's a small percentage of people who have seen them, and I'm one of them."

Little Johnny Allen Hendrix (his parents would later change his name to James Marshall) insisted on being called Buster for a time, so obsessed was he with Flash Gordon, played by actor Buster Crabbe in the 1936 science fiction film serial. This fascination with all things space was compounded by a UFO sighting out of his back window in Washington state one night, also witnessed by his brother Leon. For Hendrix, who grew up in penury, an interest in aliens conflated with a love of a no-holds-barred new musical format called rock 'n' roll would be his means of escape. Before getting his hands on his first six-string, Hendrix apparently took a broom to school pretending it was a guitar, and then spent hours at his desk dreamily doodling UFOs in his school book. Space-themed anthems like Purple Haze, Third Stone from the Sun and Up from the Skies would help change the course of rock music. 041b061a72


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