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Creed has stated that it has created perfumes exclusively for celebrities and well-known political figures. Creed claims that Tabarome "was commissioned by a legendary British statesman who loved fine brandy and highest quality cigars" but this is without historical confirmation.[6] Also, Creed's Vetiver is marketed to have been created for "one of America's leading families, a political dynasty now known worldwide for its energy, vigor, and impeccable style".[7]

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Gabe Oppenheim's book, The Ghost Perfumer, interviews numerous perfumers and disputes Creed's claim that all of the fragrances are made in-house by members of the Creed family. Pierre Bourdon claims to be the perfumer behind Green Irish Tweed (an early iteration of Davidoff's Cool Water, also made by Bourdon), Original Santal, Silver Mountain Water, Erolfa, Millesime Imperial among others.[10]

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Iconic, unequalled, absolutely capable of dictating the rules of artistic perfumery: this is Creed, the brand that has managed to strike the perfect balance between a long tradition and the need to innovate. Let us discover together this luxury maison that has made its mark on the world of niche perfumery.

Creed was actually born as a small tailor's shop of the highest quality, but it soon distinguished itself as a perfumery maison: the brand produced the finest fragrances for the royal families of the time, thanks to artisanal techniques that have, moreover, been preserved over time. Since the beginning of its history, Creed has based its values on the selection and use of only precious natural ingredients and it is this consistency that has made it one of the most important brands in the world of cosmetics.

When it comes to a Creed perfume for women, you have to imagine the very best in the essence of femininity, from strength to extreme grace, synthesised in a classy fragrance. Creed has created cheerful and sprightly fragrances for her, such as Acqua Fiorentina, an explosion of fruit and roses, offset by woods and citrus fruits, and others more autumnal and melancholic, for example Aventus perfume for Her, a sweet acidic synthesis of apple, lemon, bergamot, rose and violet embellished with an oriental touch of ylang-ylang. Fantasia de Fleurs, on the other hand, is a composition of Florentine iris and violet, softened by an amber base and the trail of mystery and charm of Bulgarian rose. Spring Flower speaks to all those women who love peachy, romantic and fruity notes. For those who love spring, Creed offers White Flowers, an intoxicating, fresh and energising perfume that brings confidence and drive to the sunny days of the spring months. In short, there really is something for everyone.

To tell the story of the many facets of masculine nature, Creed chooses to offer elegant, pleasant fragrances with a sartorial flair. With Aventus Perfume, for example, Creed unleashes a storm of patchouli, birch, juniper and musk, creating an elegant yet mysteriously wild effect. With Silver Mountain Water, on the other hand, Creed suggests bubbling torrents of water flowing through the snowy Alps of Switzerland. Like a great skier, Mr Creed finds relaxation and renewal in this pure and invigorating landscape. In general, Creed's men's perfumes are rather reserved, at least compared to the women's: they try to express all that is most masculine in the world, but elegantly, without excess. The men's fragrance line then expands, offering spring, spicy, oriental, classic, musky, sweet and solemn fragrances, like those chosen by the great leaders of the past.

Creed Aventus for men was created in 2010 by the nose Olivier Creed, in collaboration with his son Erwin, and is now one of the most iconic niche men's fragrances ever. Creed created Aventus for a very important occasion: to celebrate its 250th anniversary. For such a special occasion, the luxury perfume house chose to combinemasculine strength and impetus, capable of conquering distant lands and hearts, through a bold and sophisticated blend, characterised by vibrant and gourmand top notes. Prominent among the notes of the olfactory pyramid of Aventus is pineapple, a clear reference to Napoleon's culinary dessert preference for Royal Pineapple.The fragrance is characterised by a complex and seductive bouquet, with top notes of blackcurrant, Calabrian bergamot, apple and, as mentioned above, the indispensable pineapple. The heart notes, on the other hand, are infused with jasmine, birch, juniper berries and the exotic patchouli, before giving way to the soft, voluptuous base notes of musk, oak moss, ambergris and vanilla.

Creed Aventus Cologne: one of the most talked-about and loved Creed perfumes of recent years. Aventus Cologne is a cologne in name only. Made in the same concentration as Aventus and Aventus For Her, Aventus Cologne was imagined and desired by Olivier Creed as a fresher, but equally persistent, version of Aventus from which it takes up the olfactory theme, shifting it to more citrusy and spicy tones with hints of incense and giving the wearer a unique and distinctive olfactory experience. This adds a sparkling and singular trait to Aventus Cologne, while maintaining the recognisability and great character of Aventus.

Silver Mountain Water Eau de Parfum: this Creed perfume suggests frothy torrents of water flowing through the snowy Alps of Switzerland. Like a great skier, Mr Creed finds relaxation and renewal in this pure and invigorating landscape. The Silver Mountain Water bottle looks like a Swiss mountain topped with virgin snow. Its cap is a flow of shimmering silver. Creed Silver Mountain Water is an invigorating and luxurious fragrance... purity in a bottle. The whiteness of perennial snows and the silvery freshness of mountain streams are the inspiration for this vital and dynamic fragrance with exemplary firmness. Fresh citrus notes against a background of green tea, aquatic notes and berries are the announcement of beautiful, harmonious woody and musky notes. Definitely one of the most unusual and original Creed fragrances. Positive and balanced, romantic and decisive, intense without ostentation.

Aventus For Her Eau de Parfum: an amazon armed with a bow, firmly in the saddle of her galloping steed, hurls herself towards her goal...she is the protagonist depicted on the metallic label inserted in a snow-white band of the new Creed fragrance bearing the name Aventus for Her. This is not a softened version of the perfume of the male version, but rather an unprecedented, robust, decisive, unwavering and very feminine jus that can without any fear worthily flank the Aventus leader. Aventus for Her attracts with its captivating fruity notes of apple, bergamot and lemon that announce, with an initial intertwining of rose and violet, a delicate beauty.

Wind Flowers Eau de Parfum: "One of the best Creed perfumes, in my opinion! Powerful, sensual and addictive: Wind Flowers lasts a long time on me. A true pleasure for the senses" Christine is official online retailer Creed: don't miss out on this iconic brand's selection of the best niche fragrances! If Creed perfumes haven't convinced you, you can browse our extensive perfume catalogue and find the perfect one for you! 50ml offers you the possibility to buy samples of the best artistic fragrances. Free samples on request in every order!

All of the products showcased on our website are 100% original brand name fragrance;all sample & travel size products are rebottled by PVI without the authorization of the brand owners.We only carry genuine brand name perfumes and colognes.

*Please note: Customs policies differ greatly in each country. By purchasing your perfume and cologne from MicroPerfumes, you may be subject to import duties and taxes once the shipment reaches your country. Unfortunately, we do not handle these charges and you may also be subject to the applicable VAT rate for your country.

Wherever possible, Olivier Creed insists on using natural essences instead of the synthetic ones used increasingly by large perfume companies these days. This enables Olivier Creed, a perfectionist, to preserve the originality and superior quality of his fragrances. The components are then weighed, mixed, macerated and filtered, all by hand, before being shipped to only the finest department stores and specialist retailers worldwide. Creed fragrances offer all those who appreciate excellence the opportunity to rediscover the art of fine fragrance.

The Creed brand, based outside of Paris, is responsible for some of the most famous luxury creed colognes on the market today. Each scent is blended by hand in the highest tradition of Henry James Creed, who founded the Creed house of perfumes in 1760.

Aventus by Creed, a fragrance created in 2010 by Erwin and Olivier Creed, and last year they celebrated their 10 years anniversary. Father and son had a unique idea to create one iconic piece of perfume.

As much as Creed invested in the Aventus fragrance, so much was invested in the presentation of the perfume. A black matte box with silver details, at first sight, gives the impression of elegance. The inspiration for the perfume, Napoleon Bonaparte, is visible in the middle of the box as he triumphantly rides a horse. The impression of masculinity, strength, and sensuality is achieved 041b061a72


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