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We are indigenous.

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Zeno Tran
Zeno Tran

Boxing Mastery - Advanced Technique, Tactics, A...

As Taekwondo is not just a martial sport like kick boxing but a martial art like Karate or Judo there exists a normative and strategic framework. Same is true in any context of excellent business or excellent companies where a strong set of vision, mission and values frames any goal, strategy or set of actions. In this sense I made the experience that it fosters any kind of learning success if you dive deep and study the masters and best practices concerning your topic of interest. For example, in my China holiday this summer I read the biography of General Choi Hong Hi to gain deep understanding of the idea and philosophy behind one of my fields of mastery. In my case this means to discover the basic values of Taekwondo: courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit. This approach of studying grand masters of your field and best practice ideas has a triple advantage. First, it enhances the motivation to diving deep and practicing hard (or smart). Second, it subconsciously helps to connect to dots in practice from a more holistic and sustainable point of view. Third, it makes a positive difference in your way of teaching others about a topic and training their skills and routines as you collected glimpses of the mindset of excellent masters and examples. This comes congruent with the attitude of any smart master to teach what you study and what you aim to master; as well as with the approach of true leaders to grow other leaders and enable them to grow other leaders by themselves. Learning and teaching is a multiplicative process where anybody who is involved with head, heart and hand will benefit from the process itself and its results in the end. Enjoy the learning journey!

Boxing Mastery - Advanced Technique, Tactics, a...



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