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Dan Marcoux

Where To Buy Iphone X


Still, I ran into an issue on my 45-minute ride home Monday night where, after listening to music for half the ride, the AirPods kept losing connection even after I turned Bluetooth on and off. This could be a one-off or something bigger.

The new portrait modes on the cameras can be hit or miss. Sometimes you get a great picture, sometimes you get a picture that looks all out of whack since the sensors clearly couldn't pick up the front and foreground properly. (Note the Mug root beer shot above, where the whole top of the bottle was removed.) Apple improved the original portrait mode a lot (which didn't change lighting effects) so I expect this will only improve over time.

If your carrier supports international operation, you can most certainly use your brand new, shiny iPhone X internationally! The iPhone X will work anywhere in the world, as long as your service provider permits international use.

The camera is where things get interesting. The iPhone X features a dual-camera setup with a wide angle lens and telephoto lens. What this means is that you can zoom closer to objects when taking a picture, without comprising photo quality.

For techies everywhere, Nov. 3 is like Christmas in November. Apple's iPhone X was finally released today. Some of the newest iPhone X owners opened the box to find out that they weren't getting a certain accessory with their iPhone X purchase. Be prepared to get your wallet back out for wireless tunes because the iPhone X does not come with AirPods. 781b155fdc


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