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We are indigenous.

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Sevastyan Karpov
Sevastyan Karpov

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Two airplanes were circling overhead. Theboys could see a black Maltese cross on theunder side and near the end of each wingof one plane; the other bore a broad tri-coloredcircle in similar positions. The twosoaring, roaring, vulture-like things wereapproaching each other, suddenly little jetsof white smoke burst from each and longstreaks of pale light, like miniature lightning,shot from each flying-machine to the other.

The ambulances raced away in a string,Don leading. Then began again the experiencesof near approach to the battle line,hearing the almost constant rattle of smallarms and the hardly less continuous roarof larger guns, seeing the shattered buildingsand trees and shell-holes in the most unexpectedplaces. The military police wereon duty along the roads. Military messengerswere hurrying back and forth. Brancardierswere crossing and re-crossing the fields, withtheir stretchers empty or laden. Field artillerywas moving forward to position. Troopswere going in to engage the enemy, or comingout to rest and others waiting in reserve.[146]Ammunition carriers lugged forward theirheavy loads. Food for the men in battlewas being prepared in hastily set-up kitchens.Sometimes a shell exploded and punctuatedthe tremendous activity.

Within twenty minutes the roar of thebarrage ceased as suddenly as it began.Then came a lull, followed by the rattleof small arms which, at the distance, soundedmuch like a lot of youngsters cracking hickorynuts. Within half an hour after this theexpected happened. For the tired and greatlyoutnumbered French, fighting savagely, hadfailed to stem the Hun tide and began togive way before it. Some retreated a littletoo late and these were quickly surroundedand taken prisoner, to suffer tortures inGerman detention camps for many a longday. The wounded were hurried to the rear.[181]As the dressing stations to the extremeright of the support line became congestedthose set up in sheltered positions directlybehind the hill were called on for duty.Then the many ambulances of the UnitedStates army, French army and American RedCross dashed through the line of marines,and around the base of the hill. 041b061a72


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