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LabStats Software
LabStats Software

Why Track Higher Education Hardware and Software Usage?

Higher education institutions must provide the right resources at the right time and right place to help students succeed. Without proper monitoring, CIOs will be unable to know which students are using which resources and what is least used. Additionally, the rising software costs and strict compliance guidelines have forced institutions to pivot.

LabStats is a computer lab software management tool that allows easy resource allocation and management from a single dashboard. Our tool tracks the leading software across campus, as well as hardware availability in usage hotspots for optimized resource utilization. 

LabStats allows you to align your budget with student demands. By understanding which software is most used and which is the least used, you can make informed decisions and renegotiate software contracts better. 

Download our ebook which explains the following in detail:

·        Which software applications should be tracked?

·        How can data be used for decision-making?

·        How can data provide advanced insights for achieving campus-wide goals?

·        Other benefits of hardware and software tracking for higher education institutions.

Schedule a Free Trial

Maximize resource efficiency with our market-leading tool. With LabStats, higher education institutions can optimize hardware and software utilization by providing what's used by students and staff and cutting down on extra software and redundant hardware. 

Call +1-208-473-2222 or send a mail to for a free trial or schedule a walkthrough today.


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