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Vyacheslav Nekrasov
Vyacheslav Nekrasov

Califia Barista Blend Where To Buy

A "barista blend," I've learned, is formulated to not separate and chunk up when used in a hot drink, and tastes creamier and more concentrated than the refrigerated version. This is partially due to the addition of sunflower oil which also has unsaturated fats that may help lower your cholesterol.

califia barista blend where to buy

There is a lot to love about Califia Farms oat milk, and it has the options of extra creamy, protein-packed varieties, and the barista blend. Califia Farms barista blend oat milk has 130 calories, 3 grams of added sugar, and 7 grams of fat per cup, according to the company website. Its calorie count and fat content are about average across all of the brands that we tried, but its sugar content is relatively low. Surprisingly, this oat milk tastes super creamy and satisfyingly sweet. It's very comparable to whole milk. The extra creamy version tasted, well, extra creamy, and we were happy that it wasn't overly sweet. In fact, Califia Farms shares that the extra creamy oat milk has just 4 grams of added sugar per cup, making it one of the oat milk brands we tried with the least amount of added sugar. 041b061a72


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