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This movie has very little in common with the first movie, the only real connection between the two is Chuck Norris is in both of them. That and the movie does involve the Delta Force once again. It is also a very unmemorable movie as there are very few scenes in this one that I can recall. While I remember the older movie Delta Force almost entirely and I did not exactly watch that one a whole lot more. One of the few scenes that I even remember is the scene involving the Delta Force doing a sky jump with the drug lord and the fact this film had a bit of a similar plot to the James Bond film "License to Kill", however that film is superior to this one as I can remember a lot about that one too. I do not remember this one being particularly horrible or anything, I just remember it not being as good as the original and that I got a bit bored during this film, another thing that did not occur during the first film. In the end I think it is just one of those sequels that uses the success of the first film to try and market an almost unrelated film. Like this one was supposed to have Chuck in some sort of drug task force, but they thought they could get some more bucks by making it a sequel to the Delta Force movie.

Force 2 Movie Download In 720p Torrent

Seen the other few reviews on this movie and I'm disappointed. First of all its okay to reference a movie as part of a sequel but it's not fair to judge it off anything else but this movie. I didnt see the first one so I'm judging it solely off this movie compared to all the action movies I watched. And this ranks up high.I know people will say you need to watch more movies. But I've seen hundreds of them. And who ever directed this knew about the action movies. I admit not enough nudity floating around for a mid 90s b rated movie.But that's all I come with. This money had an audience. And I felt they gave their audience more than what they needed. The explosions were powerful and it wasnt you typical car running off the road automatically explodes.You have a ton of one liners. So many over the top and so funny. Even after the girl shows up at the grave yard and ask the gang to give the cops badge they just beat up. The gang leader snaps off "is this chick serious". My girlfriend and busted out laughing. Cause we were thinking the same thing.The action in this movie flowed and wasnt forced. The plot was simple and the fight scenes started off bad but they started to get better.A few things that were bad about this movie. The bad guy didnt look that bad. I dont know if the 90s ran out of bad looking guys but guys who tell hot girls "dont mess up my hair" before sex shouldn't be playing bad guys in action movies. With that said the chick in the pool wasnt all that hot. And these two dudes were starring like she was kathy Ireland. The lead female was beautiful but the crop top as part of your professional uniform is over the top. Matter fact the whole wardrobe for the film looks off. But maybe that's a budget thing. My favorite part is her telling that guy to "put that thing at ease soldier". One of my favorite one liners ever

Harly Cordell (Randall) is a highly-trained Special Forces warrior. She leaves her army base to do some investigating when she realizes the super-evil Lydell (Gauthier) is on the loose. They were once a couple when they were in the army together. But Lydell went to the dark side, and began doing deals with mobsters like Franco (Lauria). Lydell even shot Harly in the head at one point in the past, and she still deals with dizziness and disorientation because of it. Her cranial condition is going to make her quest for revenge even tougher. So after traveling through the seedy areas of L.A., the final confrontation ensues. How much force will be enough? You might be surprised to know that there is a sequel to Excessive Force (1993). It's in-name only, as T.I.G is nowhere in sight. While it may seem odd that the first one warranted a sequel, keep in mind there are THREE Crackerjack movies. T.I.G. must leave 'em wanting more, but then others, such as Judge Reinhold, or, in this case, Stacie Randall, must take his place. But surely a Guinness world record must have been won here for "most times a single word appears in a movie title", with an impressive THREE times for the word "Force". What it there was a third film? Would it be called Excessive Force III: Force on Force on Force? While three times might seem like a lot of force, the movie itself is run of the mill, by the book action with nothing to make it rise above the pack.That being said, Stacie Randall as the lead is certainly attractive enough, but is she up to the standards of a Cynthia Rothrock? We say no...but maybe she wasn't trying to be. Perhaps the filmmakers were trying to position her as an "anti-Rothrock", or at least an alternative to her. The fact that Randall didn't continue in the action world indicates her heart might not have been into the beating up and shooting of baddies. Shame, she might have come into her own later, especially if she had gotten a better project than this. But we'll never know. But she does wear this indescribable silver outfit which makes her look like some kind of superhero, but for her it's just everyday wear. She's backed up by some good people, such as Dan Lauria, Tom Wright and the ubiquitous James Lew, who seemingly was in every 90's action movie. We were happy to see him, and he even worked as a fight choreographer. Gauthier, who plays Lydell, was charismatic, and his sidekick Yates (Tatum) was...sleeveless, so there's that, but the movie is so straitlaced.It's a professionally-made product, and the New Line widescreen DVD looks nice, but the movie is just so perfunctory. Like it's ticking off the boxes of what the filmmakers were told that action fans were supposed to like. But where's the heart? Where's the originality? Sure, the fact that the hero is a hot chick with a brain condition sounds novel enough...but it's just not enough to keep the entire movie afloat. We really, truly WANTED to like Excessive Force II: Force on Force - the title alone certainly floats our boat - but the movie just didn't have it.We really were hoping for better here...but unfortunately, and sadly, Excessive Force II: Force on Force is the action movie equivalent of flavorless mush.For more action insanity, please visit: 350c69d7ab


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