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Des O Neill Gamsat Prep Pdf 74

DIRECTOR DJ ONeill B.Sc., B.A., M.Ed. CONSULTANTS J ONeill B.A.,B.App.Sc Dr CJ ONeill M.B.B.S.(Hons) Dr DW ONeill B.App.Sc. PO Box2017 Ashgrove QLD 4060 Australia Ph 04 1966 7151 O/S Ph +614 19667151 [email protected]

Des O Neill Gamsat Prep Pdf 74

Thank you for your inquiry about our Gamsat Preparation Courses.We have specialised in preparing candidates for GAMSAT in Australiasince 1996. From 2003, we have offered our full pre-Gamsatpreparation program as a Home Study Course to candidatesworld-wide. As the original providers of GAMSAT preparation, weare, by far, the most popular, the most respected and the mostexperienced means that candidates use for GAMSAT preparation. Tohelp in your preparation for the forthcoming Gamsat, we recommendone of our discounted packages. Its resources are huge by anycomparison more than 1700 pages, 390 concept-building questions inscience, 2200 multiple-choice questions arranged as full Gamsattests or under their dominant thinking skills, almost 5 kg inweight. Successful Candidature We cannot give you truthfulstatistics on the success rate of our candidates in obtainingplaces at medical schools because privacy provisions since 2005have precluded accurate collection of such data. Success rates inthe ten years prior to that were exceptional and participationrates in our courses have risen by an average of 20% p.a. sincethen. We hope that you too will enjoy success. However, we can giveyou the results of a recent survey done by Paging Dr, anindependent forum group, about which preparation course would berecommended by students. (Please note we have excluded thenon-commercial companies from the results)

Des was the Multiple-choice Coordinator for the Queensland CoreSkills Test. He has been a test-developer since 1991 and is one ofa very small and elite group of test makers in Australia. As themajor advisor to a Queensland Government agency on the purchase oftest-materials from ACER, Des was privy to much of ACERs creativetest-development work over many years, learnt much from them anddeveloped a respect and high regard for their expertise intest-development and candidate assessment. Des has a Bachelor ofScience majoring in Physics and Mathematics, a Bachelor of Artsmajoring in English, and a Masters in Education specialising inassessment. An author of eight published books, he is the leader ofa team of more than twenty people, all specialists in their ownareas, who will help you in their various ways on your progressinto a career in Medicine, Dentistry, Optometry, Podiatry orPharmacy. The preparation materials provided by Des ONeill and histeam are written in Australia specifically for Gamsat methods oftesting and prepare you well for the task ahead.

I sat Gamsat last year as practice with virtually no preparationand got 63 overall. I enrolled in your Titanium Package in order toprepare for the real thing this year and achieved an overall scoreof 72 with a big improvement to 80 in the Science. I got 79 in theessays, my thanks to your WBE markers.

I found your course comprehensive and extremely helpful inpreparing for Gamsat. On the day, I found there were no surpriseswhich to me is a reflection of how well your course and practicequestions/essays mimic the real thing.

Thank you for your assistance and the excellent courses you havedeveloped over the years. I attended the Science Revision and Examtechnique courses. I found them well prepared, professionally runand most importantly, highly relevant and useful.

Thank you. Your course was invaluable to me and I believe itprovided a fantastic set of resources, skills and hints forpreparation. I doubt I could have passed without your inspiredteaching. I came to you by referral and will gladly sing yourpraises too.

At GAMSAT, knowledge of certain areas of science is presumed.Thus test developers can use appropriate terms and concepts andexpect that you will be able to understand them. They can writequestions that use conceptualisations, structures, and jargon fromFirst Year University courses in Chemistry and Biology as well asfrom all the topics of Year 12 Physics. Via the results ofthousands of GAMSAT candidates on our trial tests from 1996onwards, we have identified areas of science that candidates needto relearn or revise. These major areas of General and HumanBiology, Physical & Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry and Physicsare the basis of our Science-Revision Course. Our Science Summaryoutlines in detail those areas of science that we consider areprerequisite knowledge for GAMSAT and that forms the basis of ourScience-Revision Course. It also gives a list of suitable referencebooks. GAMSAT Preparation Courses has condensed the study matter sothat candidates can prepare at their own pace with all theessential material at their disposal. Our teaching style makesscience both interesting and memorable with illustrative anecdotesand applications interspersed to ensure excellent recall of complexconcepts. Our specialist session leaders, for chemistry andphysics, tie concepts together and relate them to applications andexperiences in the real world. Our science teaching lives. Thecourse will fill gaps in knowledge for some while refreshingconnections between topics for others. Des ONeills Science-RevisionCourse will supplement your own revision in areas that areconceptually difficult. We provide a comprehensive book that willhelp you identify and study the areas of science that we considerimportant in your preparation for GAMSAT. These copyrightedmaterials form an integral part of the attendance sessions. As wellas 390 concept-building questions on Chemistry and Physics, weoffer you in this book a collection of 100 statistically-stablemultiple-choice questions on Biology at GAMSAT standard. All of ourquestions come with full solutions.

Preparing you for GAMSAT-style multiple-choice questions inSections 1 and 3 of GAMSAT Des ONeills Pre-Gamsat MCQs & ExamCourse is the culminating segment of your preparation for GAMSAT.It takes you through the final stage of your GAMSAT preparation.Candidates from previous years insist that this is the course thatall serious candidates should take and report that Des ONeills MCQs& Exam Course is the best preparation for the Gamsatexperience. This course focuses on the thinking-skills that are thefounda-tion of the GAMSAT testing process It provides you with ourvaluable and unique set of statistically-stable humanities andscience multiple-choice questions based around thinking skills. (Astatistical process, based on perform-ance on these questions by apopulation of peers, has been used to eliminate all the confusingand non-working questions so that what remains, as this unique set,is of exceptional quality) The attendance course infusestest-taking strategies and time-management skills into practicesessions and gives, via the trial test (Attendance) or the practicetests (Attendance and Home Study), the experience of a full GAMSATexam in a single day. Pat-terns of testing and pathways to tackleMCQs are clarified. From your results in the trial and practicetests, you will obtain a personal profile of your strengths andderive, from that profile, your own Personal Strategy for TacklingGAMSAT. You will come to understand how you should spend yourremaining preparation time and how you should personally prioritiseyour efforts within the forthcoming GAMSAT in order to achieve atyour competitive best. At the Attendance Course, you will accessmore than 2400 statis-tically-stable Gamsat-style multiple-choicequestions. 2200 of these are in our Practicing Humanities andScience MCQs books which have guides to their answers (humanities)and full solutions (science).

A choice of Interview-preparation Workshops will be offered tothose who take one of our Pre-Gamsat courses. The cost per personof these five-hour small-groups Interview Workshops will be listedon our shopping cart. Our mentoring thus continues over a fullyear. After you have received your Gamsat results in May and madeyour application for Medical and/or Dentistry School by the duedate, you will be sent a reminder about our Interview Workshops.Payment for the workshop can be made online at that time or mailedto us. In our five-hour Post-Gamsat Interview Workshop, everyparticipant has a full practice interview based on the criteria forthe university to which they have been called for interview. Aswell, each takes on a role of interviewer to gain a perspectivefrom the other side of the table. There are group-learning sessionsas well as recommendations for a variety of preparatory readingsand personalised tasks.

The scores you have achieved on this test do give a reasonableprognosis but dont try to invent firmpredictions, good or bad, ofyour score at GAMSAT. You really do need to prepare. So choosefromour offerings those courses you think you will benefit from. Wewill give you on-going help anddirection and powerful resources butyou have to be self-motivated and proactive enough to do a heapofpreparation yourself as well. 350c69d7ab


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