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Landon Martinez
Landon Martinez

Animator Vs Animation Alan Becker \/\/TOP\\\\

Back in 2006, Alan Becker created a Flash animation of a stick figure coming to life and attempting to destroy his maker, an unseen animator. Eight years later, the struggle continues with this fourth episode, an epic 13-minute battle of wits played out across social media and an iPhone.

Animator Vs Animation Alan Becker

if you want now how to unlock everything check the animator tutorial again. On the left side something is high lighted in grey click the bar below it and it tells objectives of being the animation. Go down one more and it tells you how to unlock everything.

hyas, just wanted to say animator vs animation game really rocks. I found it on stick page via stick humor. if you could make a game for like you already did but on the desktop it would be really fun. I think you should ask the advice of your fans if you are going to make a animator vs animation 3. like have the animation draw himself some more phisical features.


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