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The Ultimate Fake ID Guide 2010 Version 8: Everything You Need to Know About Fake IDs

A large part of the completed fake ids are going to be sold in bulk. You'll have to spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars per batch of fake ids. It's just okay for a newbie to start with a single fake id. Of course, if you are a newbie and you make millions of dollars, then you can arrange a really big business so that the cost for a fake ids would be cheaper than others.


  • A fake ID is a license that is made to look like a real one. It is illegal to possess or sell an ID that purports to be a real one but is not. Fake IDs can be used for creating: Budweiser Clones at work (yeah I know, it sounds like something from a James Bond movie) to get beer for a job or special project or just to trick a bar into serving you. In many states, it is legal to fake your identity as long as you are not drinking alcohol.

  • Fake ID's are legal at bars, clubs, or on special occasions. In many cases, the fake ID can be presented along with the date, time, and place of the occasion. What better way to get a free drink or two than to pretend you are old enough to drink?

  • Bar and nightclub security will be better disposed to being impressed if a patron presents a fake ID along with his or her regular ID card. The major problem with a fake ID is that you have to be brazen about it and set up a fake ID and ID-drive scheme without any hint of being a phony.

  • The novelty of being able to check out clubs and bars at will has become so pervasive that a bar or club will even buy a fake ID from you so they can get the same thing. This is even true in some states, where bar managers are allowed to have a license plate on their cars so they can test out the bar. This way, they can tell, without having to look at your license, if you are inebriated enough to be drinking alcohol. This means that the bar or club can serve alcohol to you even though you're too intoxicated.

  • If you are a male and live in a state where females are allowed to present liquor licenses, this is a key to getting the liquor. While fake IDs can be made to look exactly like a real license, the license itself only allows males to present it. Thus, if you are female, you may need to present a fake ID along with your liquor license. Not only will a female be served alcohol at a bar, but this fake ID can be used to buy liquor in liquor stores

  • If you're in a state where Wiccan, Pagan, or Non-Christian faiths are allowed to get a driver license, by simply adding \"X\" to the top of the license (X, for example, can be the first initial of your name, but it could also just be a X, or it could be something a bit unusual, such as a pentagram, a swastika, or a pentacle. A common misconception is that you can get a fake driver license for any religion, but this is not true. The license may allow you to get a driver's license, but if you don't fully comply with state law, you may end up in prison for up to a year.

  • In some states, a fake ID looks exactly like a real license. In some states, a fake ID is not considered a counterfeit or an imitation, but merely a different item. It is common knowledge that \"true\" license plates are readily available for as little as twenty-five dollars to as much as a thousand dollars for a specific number. In addition, very good plates can be obtained for a few hundred dollars more than the license price. Though these counterfeit licenses may not be as high-tech and the hologram may be slightly different, the license looks exactly like the one issued by the DMV.


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