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Happy clicking (or shall I say not clicking :D). I hope you enjoyed this article and found the right match for your clicking needs. And if you have any queries, questions, suggestions, or more, feel free to reach out via the comment section.

The best thing about Auto-Clicker is that it is a great accompaniment to games, and any game that requires users to click multiple times in quick succession. One can automate single, double, or triple clicks too, according to what the game requires. When the clicks are automated, it leaves players the rest of the hands to navigate through games, spot opponents, do other maneuvers, while continuously performing the clicking function, that serves a specific purpose in the gameplay.

For one, it is not exactly ethical to use a separate program to automate the clicks while gaming, as it gives undue advantage to the player. This is akin to someone using Cheat codes to get ahead, and while the program is readily available and free, it technically is not the fairest way to win. Gamers use the program to ease their manual strain of continuously clicking, and it does just serve the purpose of automating the process without any strategic or tactical involvement in the game. Still, it does give the gamer who uses the program an edge over someone who does not. This may raise concerns with the gamer community, although, one might argue that if the technology is available and free, anyone is open to using it.

The first step to using an Auto Clicker application in Minecraft is to download autoclicker that is reliable and completely virus-free. Due to a huge number of clickers in various app stores and third-party websites, a lot of unauthenticated clickers are being downloaded. Most of these clickers are infected with viruses that indirectly affect the device they are being downloaded on. Two of the best clicking applications that you can download for PC are OP Auto Clicker and GS Auto Clicker. Not only are these clickers extremely efficient and user friendly but also bring new features to the table that can be put to use in Minecraft.

I love playing incremental games and creating tools & software. Connecting both my passions, I wrote down the code for Auto clicker and published it for free for you all on, feel free to reach out to me on [email protected] to suggest new features and suggestions.

Clicking I get around 8 per second, probably more like 7 sustained. Standard scroll wheel I can get a pretty consistent 100. Also, everyone doesn't have a scroll wheel, I know people that just use a laptop/touchpad. I also think free scroll is a lot more common than you think, Logitech has been selling multiple models for over a decade, I have seen them in offices, and they have become pretty popular due to certain games benefiting from them and streamers using them. Number 7 best selling mouse on amazon is free scroll.

1) Allow autoclickers, since people have already reached the hard limit of the game with free-scrolling wheels, and the difference between an autoclicker and a free-scrolling wheel is not that much, and there would probably be no difference at all between the two with future generations of mice;

2) Ban autoclickers, ban free-scrolling wheel, decide if allowing normal wheel or ban that too (since it's closer to a free-scrolling wheel), decide what actual clicking methods should be allowed, only left click Only 1 button multiple buttons touch screen + mouse mousepad require microphone and/or hand-cam, click counter on screen and any other measure to prevent from scrolling - autoclicking.

free scroll saves a LOT of time, however it is basically identical to auto-clicking, and also isn't accessible to everyone who doesn't have a free scrolling mouse or a way of taking apart their current mouse

i agree with that we could split into two categories, either keeping the records on the current leaderboard and making a new one for le


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