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Sevastyan Karpov
Sevastyan Karpov

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Berry has recorded nine studio albums: Jackpot (1995), Opium (self-released, 2008), Witchazel (2011), Kill the Wolf (2013), Music for Insomniacs (2014),[49][50] The Small Hours (2016),[51] Television Themes (2018), Phantom Birds (2020) and The Blue Elephant (2021).[52] The most recent five have been released on Eddie Piller's Acid Jazz Records. In 2017, a "companion piece"[53] to The Small Hours was released, Night Terrors, featuring remixes by artists such as Saint Etienne. Berry stated in the first issue of Bearded Magazine in 2007 that he was producing and collaborating on new material with 1960s soul singer Geno Washington and would record a new album.[54] It was Witchazel, which Berry originally released as a one-day-only free download in March 2009.[55] It was later released as a CD and paid-for digital download.[49]

In October 2007, Berry provided a new track, "Cream Pie", to Bearded Magazine for readers to download free,[58] followed by a cover of the Blur song "Sing" in November 2007. "Cream Pie" is still available to supporters of Beardaid. 041b061a72


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