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Where To Buy Paintings For Home Decoration

For a fine-tuned shopping experience where you might be tempted to explore other categories beyond art, then 1stDibs is absolutely worth a visit. The online marketplace features carefully vetted sellers showcasing their high-style wares, with new pieces added weekly. The unique platform allows buyers the opportunity to interact with the seller and negotiate pricing as well as any special requests before purchase. You will find all categories represented from photography, sculpture, mixed media, paintings and prints. Figurative and abstract styles have the largest quantities.

where to buy paintings for home decoration

ArtSugar features an exclusive section of wall art that comes in a variety of materials, shapes, and sizes. You'll find framed prints, original paintings, photography, framed canvases, and more. Bonus: you can also shop tons of home decor essentials.

Art by Maudsch is an Amsterdam-based art collective that presents the world with art from young, emerging, and aspiring artists. We offer a wide variety of hand-made framed canvas paintings. With over 5000 satisfied customers, we strive to provide people with unique artwork for home decoration.

The decoration of a home for someone who regularly hosts large dinner parties, for instance, should be different from a home for someone who eats out at restaurants every night. The person who plans to host lavish fundraisers should have a different living room than the person who dreams only of crashing in front of the TV.

Breathing life into inanimate objects from reality - still life paintings are yet another option for homes with contemporary interiors. These paintings will be apt for cafes or small restaurants as well. Most of the time, the object of focus in this particular type of painting will be a daily-life, relatable object. From a burning candle to a boat resting on a calm shore, you are bound to find a large variety of still life paintings online. Some of the popular methods adopted for this particular artwork include ink painting and acrylic painting.

The North American industry reached USD 20.55 billion in 2020. The North American region dominates the global wall art industry due to the large U.S. consumer demand for artisan-made home decor products such as paintings, drawings, sculptures, etc. In the survey conducted over 99 countries by, a global online art marketplace, in May 2019, nearly 53% of respondents came from the U.S. who prefer buying at least one artwork annually.

The Asia Pacific region will grow faster in the global market due to India and China's rising residential and commercial infrastructural facilities, thereby supporting the consumer demand for home décor products. According to the statistics published by the Government of the Peoples Republic of China (PRC), in 2020, commercial property sales in China reached 498.5 million sq. m., 0.3% up over 2019. Additionally, evolving home decoration and renovation trends among the populations further support the product demand in the Asia Pacific region. 041b061a72


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