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Grayson Ramirez
Grayson Ramirez

GM Igor Smirnov ALL 9 Chess Courses Freel __HOT__

I studied the video courses: "Your Winning Plan" and "Winning the Middlegame". They focus on thinking, planning (based on pawn structures, forcing moves and centralization), analysing, how to find candidate moves and how to select among them. I have watched the courses several times and they "spell it out for you". Having read some of the best books on middlegame play, that did not spell out a clear and simple algorithm for middlegame play. Now I know how and when to "use" a weakness, how and when to "create" a weakness, how and when to centralize a piece and more. I think these courses are among the best that I ever saw. I don't say they are the holy grail. But they gave me a serious understanding and fundament to continue studying the thinking process in chess. Now I am reading Pump Up Your Rating, A. Smith and Chess Strategy for Club Players, Grooten, that also has focus on the thinking process and it's importance. And I am convinced, as said in the video course, that chess is all about the ability to think, more than a having a huge amount knowledge. So one should practice with the ability to think and analyse in the same way you practice with tactics

GM Igor Smirnov ALL 9 Chess Courses Freel


GM Smirnov has developed numerous chess lessons, articles, webinars and training courses, including the famous courses that have helped many players of all levels improve their chess skills.

I am really really happy with your courses and how they make effects in my chess. The best of the course is that only not explains a system of thinking in chess !!! Explains how to teach yourself and how to prepare for specific games and tournaments !!!


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