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Resolve Customer Queries Faster with Custom AI Chatbot

Get ready to take your business to a whole new level with Happyml - your single custom AI chatbot to manage a host of functions. With Happyml, you can provide the best customer support, and IT support, and perform HR functions 24/7. Add multiple data sources and deploy your custom AI chatbot anywhere across your website, web application, messenger, email, WhatsApp, or via API integration. Get a free trial and discover the difference it can make yourself.

With Happyml, you can build a chatbot tuned to your business without writing a piece of code. Stay connected with customers on multiple platforms and build customized and secure data points for seamless interactions.  

Optimize Business Efficiency with Precision

· Boost Customer Engagement

Use integrated AI across various channels for automated onboarding and responses. 

· Optimized Chatbot Support

Quickly respond to all queries for an exceptional customer experience in over 95 languages. 

· Growth Engagement

Increase response rate on WhatsApp, emails, messenger, and more with a custom AI chatbot. 

· Sales Productivity

Charge your sales productivity with powerful AI intelligence.

· Virtual Assistance

Boost IT operations and productivity with a vital assistant trained specifically for your business. 

· No Coding

Create multiple bots effortlessly without writing a piece of code. 

· Multi-channel Integration

Deploy your chatbot on multiple channels and show your business capabilities to the world. 

· Human Control

Step in any time you want to resolve complex queries for targeted customer interactions. 

Automate your Chat Support

See what our custom AI chatbot can do for your business. Start a free trial today and make your daily operations more efficient and productive with greater cost savings. 


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