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Craig Mack-Project: Funk Da World Full Album Zip |WORK|

This song is just epic. Internet nerds also believe that Biggie was taking a pot shot at 2Pac's recent shooting, but internet nerds are dead wrong here.JUST PLAYING (DREAMS)This had been out for a while on mixtapes; it's better known as "Dreams of Fucking An R&B Bitch". And it sounds exactly like it reads: delicious. C'mon, like you've never fantasized about sleeping with celebrities before? All Biggie did was record his thoughts on wax.In 2006. Bad Boy Records lost a court battle stemming over the illegal Isley Brothers sample on the title track, and was forced to pull the original from the shelves...after it had already been available for twelve years. Smart move, Isleys. Anyway, Puff quietly re-released the remastered edition with a slightly different version of "Ready To Die" included. I have no idea what the "new" version sounds like, though, since I still have my original copy from 1994.FINAL THOUGHTS: Ready To Die is probably one of the best debut albums in the history of hip hop, and I say that even though I fully admit that some of the songs are shitty. Oddly, everyone always calls out Puff Daddy as Biggie's producer, and I suppose in an executive producer capacity that makes sense, but as in producing the instrumentals? Puff's name is rarely found here. Talents like Primo and Easy Mo Bee (who doesn't really work anymore, and that's a damn shame) contribute that gutter shit that assisted in taking hip hop back from Dr. Dre's G-Funk soundscapes.BUY OR BURN? Oh, come on. Buy this shit. Buy it! BUY IT! You can even choose between the original and remastered version, as either one is worth the benjamins. Although if you spend one hundred dollars on this CD, you might be getting ripped off.BEST TRACKS: "Warning"; "Suicidal Thoughts"; "Unbelievable"; "The What"-MaxRELATED POSTS:Puff Daddy & The Family - No Way Out

Craig Mack-Project: Funk Da World full album zip

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