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We are indigenous.

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Landon Martinez
Landon Martinez


I would also LOVE to have a feature to trigger the shutter with any sudden 'spike' in noise. I have seen people do this by using disposable camera flashes rigged up to audio amplifyers, and having the camera set to long exposure in a darkened room. It allows you (using the fast speed of the flash in a dark room, or high shutter speed) to capture balloons mid-pop, water-drops hitting the surface (if sensitive enough), explosions, firecrackers, things impacting other things (golf ball being hit) etc. A HUGE range of possible applications.

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When your LCD screen is cracked then you would like to connect a Palm computer or a cell phone to the USB-port. Then you would just watch the LCD of your Palm or phone while adjusting the aim and zoom of your camera.

No, in the file menu with disk drives you can set it to an emulated 1050 (and several other things) or you can go the whole hog and do the full emulation, the only full device based emulation I do is Happy 1050 but its not on all the time because I'm testing cracked and protected stuff so it rules one possible varmit out..


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