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Sarana Yathra

Vazhinadai is the set of rhyme sung by Ayyappa devotees while trekking to Sabarimala. The first Ayyappa says the first verse (example: Swamiye). All the other Ayyappas respond with (Ayyappo).Swamiye ----- AyyappoAyyappo ----- SwamiyeSwami Saranam ----- Ayyappaa SaranamAyyappaa Saranam ----- Swami SaranamDevane ----- DeviyeDeviye ----- DevaneBagavaane ----- BagavathiyeBagavathiye ----- BagavaaneEaswarane ----- EaswariyeEaswariye ----- EaswaraneSankarane ----- SankariyeSankariye ----- Sankaraneswami saranam ----- ayappan saranamayappan saranam ----- swami saranamDevan Saranam ----- Devi SaranamDevi Saranam ----- Devan SaranamEswaran Saranam ----- Eswari SaranamEswari Saranam ----- Eswaran SaranamBagawan Saranam ----- Bagawati SaranamBagawati Saranam ----- Bagawan SaranamSankaran Saranam ----- Sankari SaranamSankari Saraman ----- Sankaran SaranamPallikattu ----- SabarimalaikkuSabarimalaikku ----- PallikattuKallum Mullum Kaalukku MethaiKaalukku Methai Kallum MullumKundum Kuzhiyum ----- Kannukku VelichamKannukku Velicham ----- Kundum KuzhiyumIrumudikattu ----- SabarimalaikkuSabarimalaikku ----- IrumudikattuKattum Kattu ----- SabarimalaikkuSabarimalaikku ----- Kattum KattuYaarai Kaana ----- Swamiyai KaanaSwamiyai Kandaal ----- Moksham KittumEppo Kittum ----- Ippo KittumDeha Balam Thaa ----- Pada Balam ThaaPada Balam Thaa ----- Dega Balam ThaaAatma Balam Thaa ----- Mano Balam ThaaMano Balam Thaa ----- Aatma Balam ThaaAethi Vidappa ----- Thooki VidappaThooki Vidappa ----- Aethi VidappaMano Balam Thaa ----- Aatma Balam ThaaNey Abhisekham ----- SwamikkeSwamikke ----- Ney AbhisekhamKarpoora Deepam ----- SwamikkeSwamikke ----- Karpoora DeepamPaneer Abhisekham ----- SwamikkeSwamikke ----- Paneer AbhisekhamAvalum Malarum ----- SwamikkeSwamikke ----- Avalum MalarumSwami Paadham ----- Ayyappan PaadhamAyyappan Paadham ----- Swami PaadhamDevan Paadham ----- Devi PaadhamDevi Paadham ----- Devan PadhamEaswaran Paadham ----- Easwari PaadhamEaswari Padham ----- Easwaran PaadhamVillali Veerane ----- Veera ManikandaneVeera Manikandane ----- Villali VeeraneBhooloka Naathane ----- Bhoomi PrabhanjaneBhoomi Prabhanjane ----- Bhooloka NaathaneSadguru Naatha ----- AyyappaGuruvin Guruva ----- AyyappaKaliyuga Varada ----- AyyappaKaanana Vaasa ----- AyyappaKann Kanda Deivame ----- AyyappaSwami Thintakka Thom Thom ----- Ayyappa Thintakka Thom ThomAyyappa Thintakka Thom Thom ----- Swami Thintakka Thom ThomArulmigu Ananda Ayyappan Temple (Sri Ramakrishna Iyer Ayyappa Baktha Sabai), Pattabiraman Kovil Street, Aruppukottai - 626101Virudhunagar District, Tamil Nadu, India+91 9443418999, 9865128511, 9962511010

sarana yathra

The Yatra will commence from Ganesh Temple, Babu Lane, Aberdeen Bazar at 9.30 am and proceed with the tableau of different temples with sarana ghosham. The Yatra will be via Bengali Club, Goalghar, Dairyfarm junction, Bathubasti junction, Garacharma to Lord Ayyappa Temple, Sippighat.

There was no birth in Mathura. Krsna appeared there as Visnu, as Parambrahma, as a youth of sixteen years. In Mathura He appeared in the form of Vasudeva. He was four-handed and was holding His sanka, gada, cakra, and padma. He had long, wavy hair. He wore sarana makuta, a golden crown, and He was adorned with golden ornaments. Bhagavan never takes birth. But Krsna is not only Bhagavan; He is Svayam Bhagavan. Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura has written a sloka that reveals the opinion of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu: "Aradhyo bhagavan vrajesa-tanayas tad-dhama vrndavana." First of all, Krsna is Vrajendra-nandana, the son of Nanda Maharaja, and He is aradhya, the supreme worshipable Deity. Tad-dhama vrndavanam. His abode, Vrndavana, is equally worshipable. Lord Sri Krsna and His abode, Vrndavana, are equally worshipable. 350c69d7ab


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