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Rayman 3 Wrapper Update!

The list of games that work together with DGVoodoo2 and the VR driver VorpX in 3D is constantly growing. I think this could be useful for everyone whowants to play older games in stereoscopic 3D with an Oculus Rift oder HtC Vive ect. in VR. I ll update this list whenever i get a "new" DX7/8 game working. I create profiles that make a game work with vorpx myself, so if youknow of a DGVoodoo2-Game that you want to play and its not in this list you can make a request here

Rayman 3 Wrapper update!

You must enter the correct answer when you submit something. VorpX users usually know the right answer ?BTW: The Arx Fatalis DX9 Mod already has an official profile. So theres no need to use a wrapper.

Since quite some time I was annoyed by the MS poor support for legacy ddraw versions. DxWnd is designed to tweak DirectX functionalities on top of a working DirectX stack, but as a matter of fact many Window users don't find on their computers a working version for all components, like old DirectDraw version 1,2,3 and so on.In addition, the frequent updates of latest Win10 make it difficult to set the matter once and for all.

So now comes a happy marriage between DxWnd and the DirectX wrapper: DxWnd can make all these files stay in a folder of its own and redirect the calls dynamically whenever requested. It sounds awful, but in many cases it works.

Sorry, I updated the archive without the dxwnd.ini file, but for jds4578 configuration is just too late.Anyway, who may want to test the new bundle would better place it side-by-side with the working release in another folder without overriding anything: this release is far from perfect.

update The logs don't show errors, they state that the operation was made and the game works.To be sure, I placed a copy of dgVoodoo DDRAW.DLL in the game folder. The result is identical, the game works but there's no dgVoodoo watermark.So, now I have a doubt: what happened? a) the redirection didn't work in both cases, maybe because of Wine stronger boundsb) the dgVoodoo watermark doesn't work on Linux

updateI used ddraw.dll from apitrace: if hooked, that dll should drop a trace file on the file system. Unfortunately, that didn't happen in any case (placing ddraw.dll in the game folder or using DxWnd redirection), so it seems we're in case a) ...

1) hooking to alternate DirectX dlls may require the "Hook / Do hook update" flag to allow a switch between the previous invalid pointers to the new ones. Curiously, this is NOT always required, then generating a little confusion. If and when I'll understand better, maybe I will eliminate the need to manual intervention in the game configuration.

- Intel's Mesa3D Linux drivers are dramatically unperformant compared to their Windows counterparts. - Controller support works unless stated otherwise. - These notes target SteamOS 3.0 for Steam Deck. I will not be using Lutris. - Games not scaling to 16:10 isn't a huge enough issue to warrant lowering the rating. - I expect some games to get updated to fix the issues, such as Portal Stories: Mel - DualShock 4 and Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers have phantoming issues as of writing this. - Once Steam Deck is released, THIS WILL ALL BE OUTDATED. I do not recieve my Deck until sometime after Q2 2022. - My machine is nowhere close to the power of Steam Deck. - These notes are not like Steam Deck verified, this is more targeting enthusiasts such as myself who are more than willing to tinker to get games working. - All controllers I'm testing are wired. - Think of this as a Deck Verified for an enthusiast who has a high tolerance for tinkering.

Proton (Any modern version) Technology: Adobe AIR, D3D9 Controller support: None Installation: - Install Adobe AIR to the Prefix. - Use this Scratch 2.0 MSI Installer to work around the issues with Adobe AIR installers. - Bonus step: Install Scratch v461 on Windows and copy the files to your Wine prefix directory. Notes: - Make Steam Input profiles for all of the games you want to play. - Window does not update unless mouse is clicked.

!!!OUTDATED!!! Proton (Any modern version) Technology: Sith Controller Support: None, use Steam Input Installation: - Install JkGfxMod to the installation directory (Installation Guide) - Download this WinMM Music Wrapper - Extract libogg-0.dll, libvorbis-0.dll, libvorbisfiles-3.dll, and winmm.dll to the game directory, overwriting the existing files - Add WINEDLLOVERRIDES="winmm=n,b" to your Steam launch options - Start the game and enable Hardware Acceleration Notes: - Game only redraws on every update. Will cause problems with standard Steam overlay Screenshot note: Game is rendered in WineD3D, i'm using Gamescope here. Also using Proton-7.1-GE-2.

But if you still want to try to improve the performance using newer versions of the DXVK drivers, you may try the steps below. Again, I should warn you that this is an unsupported by CrossOver. Also, newer versions of CrossOver, as they are released, may include more stable and newer versions of the drivers anyway, so update it at your own risk.

This DLL file is a DLL module that is designed to improve compatibility in games using DirectInput 1-7 (dinput.dll) by converting all API calls to their equivalent DirectInput 8 (dinput8.dll) ones. This allows older games to be able to use newer tools and wrappers written for DirectInput 8. An example of an engine that can make use of DirectInput is Unreal Engine 1. This also serves to disable mouse acceleration in UE1 games, and possibly in other old 3D engines as well.

In rare cases, an updated version of the component may not be available, for example, the company that implemented the component has gone out of business. If the component is not essential, the PE can work around the issue by not loading the component. If the component is essential, the application is provided with a URL that directs the user to a Web page that has information on the issue.

This site has been updated to become editable while the page isstill on its visual format for some time now. By opinion do youbelieve that the site should continue to have this feature, or haveit removed due to some difficulty or unnecessariness?

Welcome to today's update. Don't think, that me letting you onhere, is an invitation for any funny stuff. I mean, not that I havea problem, with funny stuff. Especially not if you really, REALLYlike that person. But, that's not what I wanted talk about. ThisSeptember 29th, As they say in Spain my cumpleaños! That'sright, I'll be 16 this Sunday.

After looking around, I was unable to find an actual wiki pagedetailing the locations of all the secret lollipop wrappers (theclosest we have is a related video link showing their locations onthe Golden Lollipop Wrapper page). In the interest of making thiswiki more useful as a reference, and for those users who can'twatch videos for whatever reason, I would be willing to add thelocations of all the secret lollipop locations either on theexisting page or an entirely new one. Is this something I shoulddo? And am I correct that one does not yet exist? It is possible Ijust couldn't find it. Let me know, thanks. 350c69d7ab


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