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Where To Buy The Prisoner Wine

According to Constellation, winemaker Jen Beloz (who took over for Phinney in 2011) and her team will consult on the winemaking, but the company will move production to Napa's Franciscan Estate Winery.

where to buy the prisoner wine

The Prisoner Wine Company is a Californian wine producer, based in Rutherford of Napa Valley. It was founded with the inaugural vintage of The Prisoner, a red-blend of six different grape varieties, first produced in 2000.

Today, our Director of Winemaking Chrissy Wittmann and her team work with over 100 growers in northern California, bringing together exceptional fruit to produce a family of intriguing wines unrestricted by tradition. The Prisoner Wine Company is located on the legendary Highway29 in Napa Valley and welcomes visitors year-round for unexpected, immersive experiences.

York Creek Vineyard is located high on the south facing slopes of the Spring Mountain District in St. Helena. Fritz Maytag of Maytag Blue Cheese and Anchor Steam Brewing purchased the land in 1968 and planted grapes in amongst the native forests and rambling streams that flourish there. The vineyard produces deep colored wines, full of spice and dark fruit flavors.

The Prisoner Red Blend was inspired by the wines first made by the Italian immigrants who originally settled in Napa Valley. The Prisoner is now the most recognized red blend, leading the resurgence of interesting blends by incorporating Zinfandel with the unlikely mix of Cabernet Sauvignon, Petite Sirah, Syrah, and Charbono. Bright aromas of ripe raspberry, vanilla, and coconut give way to flavors of fresh and dried blackberry, pomegranate, and vanilla, which linger harmoniously for a smooth and luscious finish.

Explore the alluring complexity of your palate with our trio of culinary pairings, each bite intentionally developed to challenge convention, elevate the wines, and leave a lasting and memorable impression.

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The brand name and namesake wine, The Prisoner, were inspired by the classic sketch Le Petit Prisonier by 19th century Spanish artist Francisco Goya. The sketch is part of Goya's series entitled The Disasters of War". It was created to be a visual protest against the injustice and brutality of the Spanish War of Independence in 1808. The Prisoner Wine Company has always stood in solidarity with the fight against racism, mass incarceration and the systematic oppression of Black communities. They are committed to education, embracing diversity and creating an inclusive environment where all our employees and business partners feel safe, respected and valued.

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Born in Rutherford, Napa Valley, The Prisoner began as a little-known red blend, created by winemaker Dave Phinney in 2000, but the brand quickly garnered a huge fan base, becoming famous for its untraditional label and style.

Today, with behemoth brands like Svedka, Modelo and Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc, one could almost imagine an entire bar stocked with Constellation products. It has more than 100 brands and owns 20,000 acres of vineyards. It sells 67 million cases of wine and spirits every year, and 182 million cases of beer.

For the Prisoner, current general manager and winemaker Jen Beloz will remain in charge, but production will move to the Constellation-owned Franciscan Estate in St. Helena. When asked whether the current vineyard sources of the Prisoner wines would stay the same, Newlands hinted that some changes may be in the works.

Senior wine critic Esther Mobley joined The Chronicle in 2015 to cover California wine, beer and spirits. Previously she was an assistant editor at Wine Spectator magazine in New York, and has worked harvests at wineries in Napa Valley and Argentina.

Aromas of black cherry and ripe plum are layered with vanilla and baking spice. Concentrated dark fruit flavors culminate in a lush, full mouthfeel and a lengthy finish. The wine aged for 15 months in a combination of French and American oak barrels, 55% new.

How long you can feel the wine in your mouth after you drink it on a range from 0 to 10, when 0 is a really short aftertaste, 5 is a nice and smooth aftertaste, 10 is a longlasting, bright and pleasant aftertaste

Suger content of the wine on a range from 0 to 10, when 0 is a really dry wine, 1-5 are dry wines with different level of sugar feeling depending on how ripe they were, 6-8 are semi-dry wines with a little bit higher level of sugar, 9-10 are sweet wines

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The Prisoner Wine Co. is a prominent winery in The United States of America. It got established in 2000 by Dave Phinney, the founder of Orin Swift. The name of the brand and the wine, The Prisoner, came as an inspiration from the classic 19th-century sketch of Le Petit Prisonier. It was a notable piece of art by Francisco Goya, one of the most distinguished Spanish artists.

Dave Phinney started his career in the wine industry in 1997 as an intern at Robert Mondavi Winery. He worked multiple hours a day in the harvest department, gradually gaining hands-on experience and technical skills. In the same year, Mondavi encouraged Dave to make his unique wine barrel. It allowed him to create his first vintage in 1998 under the label of Orin Swift.

Today, the winery remains committed to embracing diversity among all living beings and educated itself to create and develop an inclusive environment. It puts this philosophy into stone to ensure that all its business partners and employees feel valued, safe, and respected.

The winery will offer three different wines: a $30 red blend, a $30 cabernet sauvignon and $27 rosé with grapes sourced from the Central and North Coasts. Constellation Brands Inc. bought Prisoner Wine from Huneeus Vintners three years ago for $285 million and has increased production in the premium market.

The U.S. House of Representatives on Dec. 11 passed legislation that would overhaul the federal law regarding farmworkers, including the H2-A program, which allows wineries to hire foreign guest workers for vineyard jobs lasting up to 10 months.

Those symbols connect the Prisoner to the national conversation around mass incarceration and systemic racism, in ways that have become difficult to ignore. Those may sound like bigger concerns than any winery should have to contend with, yet during the last year and a half, many California wineries have faced complicated issues courageously, attempting to address the fact that the wine industry has historically excluded people of color from positions of power, and alienated them as customers.

The question now is whether Ekundayo and her colleagues can pull off this big ask: transforming the Prisoner from a wine that appears to fetishize incarceration into one that takes a stand against it.

By 2010, when Phinney sold the Prisoner to Huneeus Vintners, the powerful Napa dynasty that owns Quintessa, Faust, Flowers and other wineries, production had grown to 85,000 cases. The $40 million price tag may have seemed like a lot, but it would pale in comparison to the $285 million that Constellation would pay Huneeus for it six years later. 041b061a72


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