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Landon Martinez

Datei Herunterladen 2D Tile Pack - Fantasy Fore... __HOT__

I have been hoping for something like this since I first found your time fantasy tilesets and characters. My only question is will this work for RPG maker mv? I notice that you mention mz and I've seen on other products you mention compatibility. Just wanting to make sure it will work before I purchase it.

Datei herunterladen 2D Tile Pack - Fantasy Fore...


1/ and Unity are 2 separate bundles indeed. It is way better to use the Unity bundle if you are using this engine, mostly because of the autotile integration, tilepalettes and the all-in-one assets included. Unfortunately I have run out of download keys for the Unity package (12 a year only), but I can send you some cash back if you mail me your Paypal (my mail is pixelart[dot]asset[at]gmail[dot]com)

Hello, I purchased the pack (on Unity asset store). I really like it, I was wondering if you plan to add animation to the water tile that you use in your forest example? I really like the river tiles but they are static atm.Thanks. Please keep up the good work.

Cool ! No worries about auto tile (I prefer manual tiling instead of auto tile for a more organic result and not the same repeated square shape) For the animation part, I can split the sprite sheet and add it to the palette myself. I could probably done a sprite sheet myself but I really do suck at pixel art for now :) Also really like the tile of the river border not going into straight line, if ever you do add those to the asset pack, would be great but I have asked too much already and really appreciate your work.

hello, i recently purchased your complete pack and i love it! however, i'm having a small problem - it appears to be that some of the tiles are built to take advantage of rpgmaker's autotiling system. however, i am using these assets in srpg studio, and i'm not quite sure how to get the 'implied' tiles to where i can use them, since i'm pretty sure srpg doesn't have a similar autotiling feature.

This weekend I'm adding a bunch of files in the exterior-pack and dungeon-pack regarding the Godot engine (within \godot_autotiles\ folder) : this might helps you but it's not quite a SRPG tileset of course. Can you send my 1 or 2 samples at pixelart.asset [ a t ] gmail dot com so I can export my assets in their format as well in the future ? Thanks !

Unity bundle base price is $49.99 (a bit higher than itchio since it require a lot of work to setup the Unity package, autotiles and so on). I can't manage the price directly (well, I can, but only a few times a year). It's the Unity Asset Store who decides the sales. I may be included in the Unity summer sale too in the next few weeks but it's not up to me :).

Yes you can buy here and add the files in Unity, but you won't have the autotiles setup (which requires Fang Unity package) neither the tilepalette prepared, or the sample map. Check the lasts screenshots in the Unity store webpage and judge by yourself ?

Hey > If you need more content, let me knowIf by this you mean some suggestions to easily enrich your packs, I have two of them :- some non uniform grass tiles would be very welcome. It can subtly fill a scene adding new elements.- I also found that there are no tiles to allow level changes that are not some sort of plank going up or down. I have managed to create some by rotating some of the tiles of you pack but that's a hack and some combinations did not look good.Both suggestions are illustrated in this picture :

The water animated autotile was originally made for dungeons, yes, but I decided to add them also in this current pack, since some match with exterior environments. I think I need to clean the folder organisation a bit, I'll take care of that soon !

Hi thats very decent of you! I have to say I even forgot you existed as I have been looking too much on cutsie pixel tilesets, the style you make and finalbossblues, you and GeuttyKrum seems to make such fantastic packs but now all your styles have been blended in together almost .. AND I do notice that people tend to copy your styles and I dont blame them I would copy your style too .. there was someone called ClockworkRaven here on itch and he had fantastic tilesets too .. Its too easy to get hyped up about lovely pixelart .. but soon I have enough to start making something.. I should really buy this bundle though as its huge value for money and you make lovely art.

Yeah you really should.. Can I give you a tip? Make a non cutsie one and make an almost realistic one.. I mean start with kitchen tiles make knife sets, pan sets, coffee makers.. stuff like that.. notes on fridges, fridges.. different carpets .. chef characters waitresses .. a cafe tileset a restaurant tileset, an outside restaurant cafe tileset .. xD Do i get a free pack now for my awesome idea?

Hiya there was like an error in at least in Super_Retro_World_Exterior_pack_week20, i noticed some odd blank tilesets but tileset f and tileset g .. I am glad I noticed this but I hope I can import it to rpg maker easy as tilesets in rpg maker are tricky

This pack is fantastic! Have you considered adding more beach/shore tiles? For instance, having waves that face left, right, and up. Also, I was wondering if you could include a version of the ocean shore tile without the sand? That way you could put it on top of other terrains and rock faces. This is the tile I'm referring to:

The massive collection of tilesets allows you to create all sorts of locations in your fantasy world: create wilderness areas in the forest, mountains or desert. Build villages, towns, or cities around a strong castle. Explore dungeons like caves or ruins and temples. Populate your world with characters: unique heroes and villains to drive your stories, multiple military factions to provide conflict, and NPCs to bring your locations to life.

I'm surprised no one mentioned this but there is actually a mistake in your tile sheet!The grass uphill and downhill, as well as the tiles that switch between grass and stone are missaligned. they are one pixel too low.I do love the pack, it's very beautiful and easy to use. I'm using this for my school platformer project. Thank you very much

"RPG Maker MV reads icons on the sheet in "tiles" of 32x32, so you must increase the canvas size in increments of 32x32 for the file to be read correctly. With this in mind, increase the canvas size to accommodate the new icons, and paste in the large image file provided in this pack.

The Total Textures 19-pack Bundle contains all 19 packs in the Total Textures collection. Ranging from human, creature and alien textures through to building, environment and global textures by way of fantasy, sci-fi and cartoon, this collection contains a wealth of high-quality content that would make an excellent addition to any artist's arsenal. 041b061a72


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