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We are indigenous.

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Vyacheslav Nekrasov
Vyacheslav Nekrasov


actiamultidiag2011keygensoftware says 7 months ago. actiamultidiag2011keygensoftware cbbc620305 Reply. In the wake of the recent suicides, depressed people have been posting their stories of depression and suicide to social media, which is a good thing, but seeing the post with a down-vote is very disturbing to me, and I want to know why. Why cant people have different opinions about things? Why does it have to be, no, youre wrong because I want to be right? Isnt it possible to have two opinions that arent like this? What am I doing wrong, and what am I not doing right? Also, I just want to go unnoticed so I can join the rest of the depressed community as a normal person, and they dont have to hear about my downvotes. -Big Fat GatorWax worms, especially those that live in sea oats, love to roll themselves around in water. (Credit: Wiki Commons by YakumaWat) Small wax worms (Platyhelminthes, Terebellidae) can be found in the east coast of Japan, and are usually found inside the stems of the plants atoll sea oats, (Fucus vesiculosus) one of the first seaweeds to colonize sandy coasts. These small animals are capable of swimming, but their method of locomotion is poorly understood. For example, when one of the research team (Hitoshi Horiuchi) gave the organisms a quick start, they just kept going in the same direction in the water. However, when these small creatures were placed on land, their behavior became very different. Instead of randomly moving up and down, they began to roll themselves around. To analyze what was going on in the organisms bodies, the researchers used a microscope to look at the workings of their muscles. It turned out that the worms use two different types of muscle fibers for crawling: those that contract to pull the legs out of the way, and those that contract to pull the legs back in. Even though both types of muscle fibers are present in a single worm, the fact that the two types of muscle fibers are doing opposing things in the same worm suggests that there are different parts of the body doing different things. When the worm was put on land, the muscle fibers contracted in exactly the opposite way as they had done before pulling the legs in and helping the worm roll itself around. The work has been published in the journal PLOS One. Organisms dont always make sense People study organisms all the time, and we often come up with ideas about how they work. If youve ever looked at an ant and thought to yourself, Those little guys are working very hard to maintain the colony! or Humans are so lazy, they crawl along in a straight line, you are not alone. However, people sometimes come up with ideas that just dont make sense. Were all creatures of habit, so its no surprise that its easy for us to make associations between two different kinds of activity. But these arent always the best ideas. When it comes to the little animals we call invertebrates, the research community has a habit of making assumptions about what they do.



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