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How to Download Form UC-44FR for Unemployment Compensation in Pennsylvania

If you are an employer in Pennsylvania who pays quarterly unemployment compensation (UC) taxes into the UC Fund, you may be eligible to request relief from charges for certain benefits paid to your former employees. Relief from charges means that your reserve account balance will not be debited for those benefits, and your UC tax rate will not be affected by them. To request relief from charges, you need to fill out and submit Form UC-44FR, Request for Relief from Charges, to the Department of Labor & Industry (L&I).


In this article, we will explain what Form UC-44FR is, when and how to use it, and where to download it from.

What is Form UC-44FR?

Form UC-44FR is a document that allows you to request relief from charges for UC benefits that are paid to a claimant who:

  • Left work for you without good cause attributable to the employment,

  • Was discharged by you for willful misconduct,

  • Was separated from you for reasons that involve fault on the part of the claimant,

  • Was discharged by you for failure to submit and/or pass a drug or alcohol test conducted pursuant to an established substance abuse policy,

  • Is still working for you in a part-time job that is continuing without material change, or

  • Was separated from you due to a cessation of business of 18 months or less caused by a disaster.

You are required to prove that you qualify for relief from charges in any of the above situations. A request for relief from charges is different from an appeal regarding a claimant's eligibility and must be filed separately.

When and How to Use Form UC-44FR?

When an individual files an application for UC benefits, Form UC-44FR is sent along with Form UC-44F (3), Notice of Financial Determination, to each base-year employer that is eligible to request relief from charges. A base-year employer is an employer who paid wages to the claimant during the base year, which is the first four of the last five completed calendar quarters before the claimant filed the application.

If you are a base-year employer and you wish to request relief from charges, you should complete and return Form UC-44FR within 21 days from the date the first eligible financial determination is issued. The date of issuance is printed on the upper right-hand corner of Form UC-44F (3). If you do not file a timely request for relief from charges, you may lose your right to relief.

To complete Form UC-44FR, you need to provide the following information:

  • The claimant's name and social security number,

  • Your name, address, account number, and telephone number,

  • The reason why you are requesting relief from charges,

  • The date and circumstances of the claimant's separation from your employment or the date and details of the claimant's continuing part-time work,

  • The names and addresses of any witnesses who can support your request,

  • Any documents or evidence that can substantiate your request, such as written warnings, resignation letters, substance abuse policies, etc., and

  • Your signature and date.

You can mail or fax Form UC-44FR to the address or fax number shown on the form. You can also file your request online through [the Employer Services section] of L&I's website. You will need your PIN and account number to access your account.

Where to Download Form UC-44FR?

If you did not receive Form UC-44FR or you misplaced it, you can download it from [L&I's website]. You can also call L&I at 717-787-4677 or 888-313-7284 (toll-free) and ask them to mail or fax you a copy of the form.

You can also view an explanation of Form UC-44FR [here].


Form UC-44FR is a document that allows you to request relief from charges for UC benefits that are paid to a claimant who meets certain criteria. You need to file a timely and complete request for relief from charges to avoid being charged for those benefits and to protect your UC tax rate. You can download Form UC-44FR from L&I's website or request a copy from L&I by phone.


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