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Molon Labe Greek Font Download [WORK]

During the Cyprus Emergency between Greek Cypriot insurgents and British troops, Cypriot leader Grigoris Afxentiou on 3 March 1957 became surrounded by British forces outside his secret hideout near the Machairas Monastery near Lazanias, Nicosia.[8] The British troops requested that he surrender his arms, but Afxentiou shouted molon labe in reply. Unable to flush him out and sustaining several casualties, the British forces resorted to pouring gasoline into his hideout and lighting it.[9]

molon labe greek font download

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Each letter in this font was hand-drawn with great attention to ensure that vintage authenticity and feel of age. This font is perfect for inspirational quotes, logos, typography art, labels, apparel, badges, posters, wedding invitations, signs, book cover designs, headlines, titles, and so much more.

This hand-drawn Greek font was inspired by ancient Greek gods and mythology. It features uppercase & lowercase letters, numerals, punctuations, a set of special characters, and multilingual support. Kyril is perfect to give a unique vibe to your digital products and websites. You can also use this font for logos, brands, labels, etc.

Meet an elegant, modern calligraphy font that is perfect for a variety of applications such as invitations, stationery prints, logos, merchandise products, labels, etc. Sketchbook is a carefully drawn Greek font with an imperfect sketched style that will give a personal touch to your work. It includes two font styles- regular & slant and also includes stylistic alternates, standard ligatures, swashes, and more. 350c69d7ab


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