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Aldrin Hartunian
Aldrin Hartunian

Buy BBS Wheels for Iconic Designs & Racing Pedigree

BBS wheels are acclaimed across motorsports and turning circles for their catchy designs and world-class performance. Available in a wide range of colors and finishes, these wheels can complement any vehicle's aesthetic. Whether you're the proud owner of a luxury sedan, an SUV, or a sports car - make a bold statement with BBS aftermarket wheels. From a sophisticated matte black finish to the boldness of polished gold, you'll find a plethora of colors and finishes in these wheels to enhance your vehicle's visual appeal. 

Made with German excellence, BBS wheels have been behind motorsports excellence for half a decade. Beyond motorsports, BBS wheels can also be custom-made to fit into any vehicle to optimize their appearance and driving experience. From track sessions to winding roads, and off-road adventures to compact city streets, BBS wheels offer the perfect amalgamation of style and substance. 

How are BBS Wheels Made?

BBS wheels use forged techniques to manufacture high-quality custom wheels. They're molded with forged aluminum in a multi-stage process to create durable and strong wheels.  

The flow-formed technology adopted by the company creates quality rims without adding additional materials. This reduces unsprung weight and boosts your vehicle performance. BBS wheels have been used across several prestigious OEM brands like Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, and Porsche.

BBS also creates light alloy wheels using a low-pressure cast. This makes their products withstand the harshest of conditions with numerous designs and applications.

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Anewset has a wide range of BBS wheels to optimize your car’s performance with unhinged capabilities. Take on any road and terrain with high-quality wheels at Anewset. 


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