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Elias Lopez
Elias Lopez

GitHub - ehem/kdztools: Tools for working with KDZ files (LG's Android firmware format)

all micro converters have hdcp 2.2 support! the 2g models also come with a carrying case. in the carrying case are acad and ahd cable. these cables can be used in any configuration - individually or as a pan (personal area network) network. there is also a cinch 'fit' cable for the carrying case that allows you to quickly engage the docking adapter without having to dig around in a bag.

Kdz Converter


the micro converters have been made smaller and lighter and are designed for all day mobile use and av use. the new micro converters have a more compact form factor which makes them much easier to deploy, lower power consumption and protect from the elements.

blackmagic micro converters have the same amazing feature set as the earlier models. it also includes all the new blackmagic features we built into the micro converter line for better usability, storage, networking and interoperability with our other products. the micro converter also includes usb-c and sdi outputs so you can easily connect to your sdi monitors, projectors and other sdi devices. the micro converter also includes front panel controls for quick operation. plus with the micro converters hdmi source output and stereo 3g-sdi, you are ready to work with a variety of hdr sources. micro converters have all the major user interface sdi windows, including an sdi window and a 2d monitor window. the micro converter also has a usb-c or hdmi port for power and video. these unique features make it easy to connect to all the latest devices and components. the micro converter supports all of the most popular video formats including 2d-sdr, hlg and pq for hdr displays. the micro converter also supports hybrid log gamma (hlg) for better image quality in hdr displays. all models are compatible with hdr rec.2020 and rec.709 standards and you will get the full benefits of a hdr display without the need for expensive hdr-enabled monitors or cameras.


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