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Elias Lopez
Elias Lopez

Should I Buy A 4 Or 6 Cylinder Subaru Outback =LINK=

2006 Outback 2.5i, 343,000 miles and climbing. used the six star head gaskets distributed by you and have kept up on maintenance and care. thank you for all that you do, this subaru is living its potential as a result. many original parts, have only replaced head gaskets, cylinder heads at 325k, cv axle boots, catalytic converter, o2 sensors, swaybars and swaybar links, rear lateral link bushings, wheel bearings, tie rods and balljoints. car is in very good condition and hardly looks like it has 80k from the outside. she runs very well and will continue to for many more miles.

should i buy a 4 or 6 cylinder subaru outback


I have bought a brand new outback 2013 with manual transmission and by now I drove 11,000 miles and never! Never experienced that problem. But after reading this thread it makes me worried that subaru will accept and allow something like this to happen. 041b061a72


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