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Nathan DrakeBiographical informationMembershipJameson Marine Inc.FamilyCassandra Morgan (mother) Samuel Drake (older brother) Elena Fisher (wife) Cassie (daughter) Victor Sullivan (surrogate father) Vicky (family pet)OccupationCo-owner of D&F Fortunes Explorer (formerly) Thief (formerly) Treasure hunter (formerly)GenderMaleBehind the scenesPortrayed byTom HollandVoiced byNolan North Billy Unger (young, Drake's Deception) Britain Dalton (young, A Thief's End)Motion captureNolan North Billy Unger (young, Drake's Deception) Britain Dalton (young, A Thief's End)Nathan "Nate" Drake (born Nathan Morgan) is the main protagonist of the Uncharted franchise. In the video game series he is the central character and playable protagonist. A professional treasure hunter, Nate is described as a "deep-sea salvage expert and action-pro" with a knack for surviving by the skin of his teeth. Known for being quick-witted and immensely lucky in the face of danger, Nate possesses a deep knowledge of history, having spent basically all his life studying it.

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Breaking into the house containing their mother's journal, the two are confronted by the mansion owner. The owner at first mistakes Nate and Sam as trespassers and calls the cops. However the tension eases as Samuel tells her that they were just looking for their mother's stuff. The owner apologized to them for misunderstanding and reveals to them that she was a friend of their mom. The boys engage in a wholesome conversation with the owner who reveals her name as Evelyn. Evelyn tells them that she and their mother were good friends and worked together and bonded over their love for history, social studies, and archaeology. Evelyn then reveals to the boys that she and their mom believed in a theory that Sir Francis Drake had heirs. During the conversation, the three notice that the police officers have arrived outside (whom Evelyn called over a few minutes prior when she initially mistook the two as trespassers). Evelyn gives the boys their mom's journals, believing "they could finish what she started." Evelyn then attempts to walk outside and explain to the police that it was a false alarm, but as she exits her chair and walks a few steps, she suffers from a heart attack and dies immediately. Nate and Sam panic not knowing what to do, but as soon as they hear the police officers breaking the door open, the two escape out the window and try to exit the mansion grounds without the police officers noticing them. Unfortunately, the officers quickly spot them both and a chase ensues with Nate and Sam successfully losing the cops, managing to reach freedom. After motorcycling through the cities alleyway outskirts, the two stop for a break and to catch their breaths. Realising they cannot go back to their previous lives, the two decided to honour their mother - and her theory on Francis Drake's heirs - by changing their names to Nathan and Samuel Drake. With this, the brothers decide to become treasure hunters. the two would stick together for the coming years.

Before Drake's Fortune, Nate has been hired as an expert by Jason Dante to investigate a dig site on a ridge in central Panama. At the dig site, they encounter Marisa Chase, Dante's "partner," who, as a result of her distrust, had tailed them. Dante receives an erratic radio call from Roberto Guerro, the leader of a revolutionary army based in the surrounding forest, and leaves, while Chase helps Nate examine the dig site, both unimpressed that Dante had not informed them about Guerro's presence. They find the remains of a group of Spanish conquistadors who were murdered - poisoned by forces unknown.

At an unspecified time before Drake's Fortune, after completing a job in Ecuador (stealing the Staff of Ayar Manco and rescuing hostage Alex Munoz from drug runner Ramón Valdez), Nate is called to New York by Sully to investigate the murder of Sully's old friend Luka Hzujak. Sully wants to help Luka's daughter (and his god-daughter) Jada find out who killed Luka and why. Nate agrees to help and learns that before his death Luka worked on a secret project for weapons company Phoenix Innovations, supposedly on the trail of a lost treasure. From what Luka told Jada before he died, the project has something to do with the ancient labyrinth on Crete, the source of the Minotaur legend, designed by Greek mythic figure Daedalus.[3]

When they arrive at the treasure building, the treasure was no longer there. According to manifests and evidences, Nate and Sam conclude that the twelve pirate captains who were the founders of Libertalia stole from the colonists and kept the treasure for themselves. They also concluded that the most likely place the founders took the treasure is to a place called New Devon, the residence of the founders, in the northern part of the island. As they make their way to a tall tower, they are ambushed by Shoreline mercenaries who destroy the tower and Nate and Sam are confronted by Nadine who single-handedly hustles the two Drakes.

Nate appears as several multiplayer skins throughout the series. One of them, Doughnut Drake, is featured in Drake's Fortune, Among Thieves, and Drake's Deception. In the Among Thieves chapter "Breaking and Entering", when Harry Flynn lifted Drake onto a roof, he commented "You put on weight mate" and "Whew, alright, no more doughnuts for you."

In Among Thieves, Doughnut Drake can be bought in the single-player skin store. He can also be purchased in the multiplayer store for the expensive price of $2,000,000. In multiplayer, he can only be purchased after the player has reached level 60 (X).

It's not quite as good as Mana Vault, but the places it has been legal make it a far more significant card. When I first saw Grim Monolith at the Urza's Legacy prerelease, my eyes almost fell out of their sockets. I took a step back, confirmed that it did what I thought it did, and I just cracked up. I don't remember how long I was laughing for, but it was an evil laugh of DOOM and it lasted for quite a while. For a while, I had been working on several artifact decks to abuse a little card called Tolarian Academy, including several that played Voltaic Key just to have another artifact that occasionally came in handy. I knew they were interesting, but they were missing just one thing. They needed a Mana Vault, and there it was staring me in the face: The exact card I would have asked for, if I thought I had a chance in hell of getting it. It cost two mana instead of one, but it never crossed my mind that this card was remotely fair. By the next day, I was killing on turn three and the deck survived the loss of several other cards prior to a Pro Tour that was dominated by a combination of Grim Monolith and Tolarian Academy. With the loss of Voltaic Key and Tolarian Academy, the Monolith went on to just be an amazing card that powered a lot of different artifact decks over the next few years. There was Accelerated Blue and the German Dragon in Standard, Suicide Brown and Iron Giant in Extended, good old Yawgmoth's Bargain in just about everything that allowed it, and then a lot of descendants of those initial Tinker decks that continued to get refined and grow in power until they took over Extended in New Orleans. A boost of three mana, or one mana on the turn you play the Monolith, is far too dangerous to be allowed to survive. You get to break the mana curve without paying any large costs, as the Monolith is actually far better than a land in the endgame. You can't let that live.


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