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Elias Lopez
Elias Lopez

149638 Zip

File Description:US Navy AI A-4 Skyhawks Vietnam Era RepaintsThese repaints utilize Nick Black's AI A-4 Skyhawk model. This zip package contains only the textures.You will need the air and model files which are to be found in the MAIW Top Gun Package. Here is the list of the included repaints: VA-46 Clansmen 150118;VA-86 Sidewinders 149638;VA-94 Mighty Shrikes 147681;VA-95 Green Lizards 142833;VA-144 Roadrunners 143552;VA-163 Saints 151134;VA-164 Ghostriders 151194;VA-192 Golden Dragons 151073;Michael VerlinAugust 9, 2012

149638 zip



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