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Nestor Blokhin
Nestor Blokhin

Ship Simulator Extremes Demo: The ultimate simulation game for ship lovers

Ship Simulator Extremes is the revolutionary latest game in the best-selling Ship Simulator Series. Almost three years in development, the game raises the bar for accurate and fun simulation gaming. Featuring a completely new and visually stunning ocean system, advanced dynamics and weather system, more vessels and environments than ever before and full campaign missions based on real captain's stories. Ship Simulator Extremes is the definitive simulator for any virtual ship captain and a high quality addition to the acclaimed series.Includes many famous harbors and locations from around the world. From the very hot to the very cold, sail to the extremes. Explore the Antarctic or take in beautiful Bora Bora.

download ship simulator extremes demo

Taking on the role of a coast guard can be a very big responsibility but you will find it enjoyable in this game. There are different missions you can do as you sail along the sea. The missions are based on real-life events and problems like rescuing people from an island that is threatened by a volcanic eruption. You can also protect whales from being hunted by humans. There are a ton of missions to choose from and it is even more exciting than simply sailing aimlessly from point to point. The missions are more than picking up and dropping off passengers in ship piers, which is what I think makes this game stand out from other ship simulators.


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