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What Is Better Than ONESPY’s Spy Phone Software For All Your Web Worries

TheOneSpy is always way ahead of everyone and enables you to spy on android phones before the new Android OS version is released. Previously, we discussed how to spy on android 11. Now you are worried about how to spy on popular instant messengers on Android 12. We know that people like parents, in particular, worry about spying on social networking apps on their phones provided to the teens. The latest android OS version has come up with many updates and features that could stop you from spying, tracking, and monitoring social messaging activity to protect your child online. You may want to monitor and track your employees on business-owned phones and tablet devices. Today, we have come up to get rid of you from all worries while spying on android 12.

What is better than ONESPY’s Spy Phone Software for all your web worries


Are your teens accessing social messaging apps and spending time with strangers on chats, voice calls, and voice messages. No need to worry anymore while you spy on phones active with instant messengers. You can protect your teens from inappropriate activities, potential risky chats, online dating, sexting, and excessive screen-time on instant messaging apps. Moreover, monitor your business devices provided to your employees running with Android OS version 12 with TheOneSpy android spy software.

With so many employee monitoring tools coming in the market lately. Most people have started contemplating about the idea of investing their money into the software and applications which can help them maximize the output when the employees at home. Well, even if there are so many android spy app or phone monitoring applications available in the market, it may get complex for you to choose the best option. Taking a note of which, it must be kept in mind that there are so many advantages of inviting the digital big brother to your workplace. But how do you use it, how do you get one and which one among all is the best? Is still a question which is being asked by many.

ONESPY android tracker app is the number 1 phone monitoring application available in the market. For all the employers who are looking for a spy android app, ONESPY it is the perfect solution to all your worries.

Keep your money they do not deliver what they promise. Here is a copy of what transpired in my conversation.Hi It has been almost 3 months since you put the restrictions on the audio bugging. Can I get an honest answer of when this limitation will be lifted and back to 30 and 45 min?Chat startedMilow joined the chatMilowYou have to wait our technical team is working on it this feature will be back soon with our updated app version this feature is hold because this was taking too much resources now we have managed this and will be update with our new changes applied on the system with new updatesAvatarWhy do we have to wait? I dont understand I paid for this. I did not pay for you to tell me when you are done... It is not the responsibility of the customer to pay for your resouces so you can do better. Can I purchase this in addition so it is turned on? I would pay $100USD per month to have it onWill you be issuing a refund for this or is the money spent already?Milow this is not very fair? Or is itMilowThis change is for youSo bear with usWe will make new changes in our updated app version hope you will like thisAvatarNot if I cant reinstall the agent

My phone is galaxy s21 Ultra android 11 rooted. When i purchased theonespy tosapp before i asked your supporter team. Especially Milow. They told me it will work sure for my device. But it's not working well. Especially rooted features and other features too. And Milow told me it will fix tomorrow and tomorrow. Always Milow told me again and again. Wasted my times and money. I waited for it already more than 2weeks then Milow suggested me 50% refund. Really playing with me? Why i rooted my phone with risky because for i needed rooted features! Even other features doesn't working well. Just refund me asap! Don't tried deal to me 50% refund. Please theonespy Owner has responsibility for clients! Please respond me my email: *******@naver.comAnd refund me 100% don't tried to deal like 50% refund please! I was waiting for fix it 2weeks since when i purchased to now! Im really disappointed lie and avoided me. Flexispy can't support my device then they immediately accept full refund me very fast. But why theonespy always disagree yourapp doesn't support galaxy s21 Ultra rooted. Please owner respond me!

Karen, I have responded to your question via DM. There's no response from you yet.Friends, I've been using this app for more than 3 years. Initially it was having issues but was mostly working. As android started improving its OS and the security features, this app became nothing but a headache. Many features wouldn't work, especially on xiaomi devices and because of the inbuilt security application on a xiaomi device, it's all the more difficult to use this app. There are notifications when you try to use the camera or mic. Screenshots and screen recordings never work. Call recordings don't when. VoIP recordings don't work. Customer support is the worst to say the least. They just want to drag the issue, never understand your problem, only want access to your phone through anydesk. They wouldn't even accept taking access through TeamViewer. Ridiculous. I've been requesting, demanding and begging for refund of my money for the last many months but they just say app is updated, it'll work now. But it never works. I've shared pictures and videos of all settings done correctly and how the app isn't functioning in spite of all that. Yet they wouldn't issue a refund. I even explained to them that even after 3-4 years of being their customer they need to understand the situation especially during this corona and process the refund. But they just wouldn't do it. They still insist on dragging the issue. I've reset the activation code as well and the license is idle as it's of no use to me. Still they don't understand.Dear Karen, if you're listening to this, please process my refund immediately. I've had enough with your support executives millow, mew, etc and more than enough with your app for the last 3 years. If you're not convinced please go the amount of communication I've had with your team through one of my registered mail ids - ******* I've even suggested many improvements to your app over the years. Yet you don't consider to refund my hard earned money. This is so bad.


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