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We are indigenous.

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Eli Harris
Eli Harris

Be Adrift

It took five years for Lisa Hannigan to make At Swim, but with the collaborative help of Aaron Dessner of The National the Irish singer's third album turned out to be a brilliant little gem. In our interview Lisa Hannigan described the lyrical imagery on this album as being adrift, of existing in the world without a steering wheel, of being controlled by outside forces.

be adrift

Nattida Niamnak, manager of fishing vessel Sor Lap Chollada 32, reported the finding of the yacht, explaining that Chaitong Wongpin on board the boat had spotted two sailboats floating near the boundary for entering Indonesian territorial waters. Both yachts appeared to be adrift, which seemed unusual and worth reporting, said the report.

Many political observers, struck by low turnout rates among young voters, are pessimistic about the future of democracy in Canada and other Western nations. Citizens in general are disengaged in politics, and young people in particular are said to be adrift in a sea of apathy. Others have questioned this bleak assessment, arguing that youth engagement has shifted to newer forms of political and community involvement.

Thousands of people - many of them Rohingya - are thought to be adrift in the Andaman Sea and pressure is growing on the region's governments to allow the boats to come ashore and avoid a humanitarian catastrophe. 041b061a72


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